Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh, boy!

Oh, boy for two reasons....first of all, because I fell terribly behind on my blog everyday "to blog or not to blog" challenge.  Let's blame it on me being very busy, then sick, then busy again.  But I'm back (healthy and less busy) so hopefully I can resume more regular posts!

The other "oh, boy" is because we found out the gender of our baby today!  And, naturally, just like my "blue" post, I was trying to confuse you with today's title.  Because....


I'm primarily thrilled to report that our ultrasound revealed that she's healthy (and it seems happy!)  All of her organs and limbs appear to be developing right on schedule, and I'm feeling great, too!  (also growing right on schedule :) )

I'm also thrilled that we'll be having a baby girl...I've had a strong instinct that she was a she since about the 2nd month, so it was almost a relief to find out that I was right!  (I initially had no preference, but started to want a girl when all of my daydreams were subconsciously about little girls!)

Justin's also excited about our beautiful little lady...and glad that we don't need to do any painting in the pink sewing room - to - nursery transition!  The perfect polka-dot fabric won't be used (for a few years, at least), but I'll keep you posted as we start working on the room!  You know I'll be at Jo-Anns this week!

So, again, sorry for the absence, and thanks for the excitement many of you have already shared on facebook about our (pink) bundle of joy :)  Here she is...isn't she sweet?  

I can't help but be in awe of the technology that can show us her face.  And, even more awe for the God that can knit her in my womb in such a short time frame!


  1. :-) I just had an ultrasound on my triplets...three boys!! Maybe one can marry your kid someday!