Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Onwards, upwards (and outwards)

To kick things off....Hi, Dad!  (He's been faithfully checking the blog daily for updates...even through my 2 month absence).

As for the title...I'll be moving onwards in the professional sense...as of next Friday, I'll no longer have my full-time paid social worker job.  Instead, I'll be the full-time COO (chief operating officer) for our little household.  Obviously, this is another way of saying that I'll be a stay-at-home mom, but honestly I think the role encompasses much more than staying at home and taking care of my baby.  And, prior to her arrival, that will involve finishing lots of house projects (thankfully we're basically down to little decorating jobs that can be handled by a lady and her watermelon sized belly).  That will hopefully translate to more blog posts, but I've given up promising when I'll write - and, thankfully, given up any guilt at needing to keep a schedule. The blog will be what the blog will be.  As you've learned over the last 2 years...sometimes I'll be into it, sometimes I won't.

As for the "outwards," here's an updated belly shot (as per some requests!)  I chuckle now looking back at some of my previous "showing" pictures, when I thought I was already getting so big (and I'm a little wide-eyed as I look ahead to two more months of growth!).  Note also in the picture my awesome late-night hair-do, the incredibly comfortable shorts that I steal from Justin (whichever days he doesn't put them on first), and my flailing hands (we can't figure out a natural position for my arms/hands in pregnancy pictures, so my best solution for this round was to just keep them moving!) - oh, and let's not forget the blurriness from yet another cell phone shot since the camera battery is (still) dead.

You may be confused as to why I'm standing where the couch belongs in this picture.  That's because the couch is currently in the middle of the room, as our latest project is underway.  I'll give you a hint - it's the "upwards" of this post title.  I'll fill you in soon(ish?)  :)