About this blog

It started with a house.

An old house.

An old house, a crazy dream, and a vision.

A vision that there was something beautiful behind the old paint and dirty carpet,

That there was former glory waiting to be found.

Then there was work,

and more work,

and slowly an old house

became a home.

A home for two

and then three

(and four!)

And along the way, making a home became more than just a renovation hobby,
but a full-time commitment to finding the former glory - 

Glory not only in new paint and new fixtures and new furnishings of a house,
but glory in the love and comfort and happiness of a home.

A home where love and laughter abound.

A place where the simple comforts of this life
bring peace and joy to all who enter
and an earthly reflection of our Heavenly home.

The journey continues on, away from the beloved first home,

but not without a constant search
For all the good that once was
and all the good that can be -

in a home
and in a homemaker.

Welcome to my blog.