Monday, May 9, 2011

One big check mark

You probably couldn't read the details on our panel list I revealed last week.

Here's a closer look at one of the goals:

Yep.  Bike around Cayuga Lake.  You know, that large, beautiful puddle that's almost in our backyard.  The longest of the Finger Lakes.  Cayuga. Lake.

Link to google maps
In case you can't tell from the picture, that's a pretty long distance.  40 + miles each way.  For my PA peeps, that's approximately the distance from Harrisburg to Selinsgrove.


Justin's lab group (led by their bike-loving advisor) takes semi-annual trips.  You may remember I joined them in the fall for a slightly less-crazy 25 mile ride.  This time, we rode the 40-some miles up the west side of the lake to a hotel in Seneca Falls, NY, spent the night, and returned via the east side of the lake the next day.

I was again skeptical that I'd be able to ride the whole way, but my skepticism quickly turned into a fierce commitment to meet this personal challenge.

The beautiful scenery and perfect weather certainly helped; the lake was in view for the majority of the ride.

Don't be fooled by that picture, the ride was, as they say....uphill both ways.  The elevation gained/lost was approximately 2,000 feet each day (so although we began and ended at approximately the same elevation, we  pedaled up 2,000 feet of hills and rode back down).

In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty proud that I accomplished this feat.  I'm proud of Justin, too, although I'm not surprised, given that this was his second go-round.  I had to laugh at the humbling experience of being passed by two bikers during a water break 6 miles from home (on our return leg).  They had also gone around the whole lake ~ but started Sunday morning!

For those of you who might be wondering, I was totally exhausted (and accidentally fell asleep Saturday afternoon at the Women's Rights Museum/Visitor's Center that commemorates the women's suffrage movement, which took place in Seneca Falls.  No disrespect, ladies, and thanks for all you did.  I'd like to visit again when I've arrived via less tiresome transport.)  I was again very tired Sunday night, but today feel pretty normal.  I'm only a little sore walking up stairs, which feels surprisingly similar to my thighs as pedaling a bike.  I even had enough remaining energy to do some major pruning on our unruly front bushes this evening (but not enough energy to snap a picture and show you!).

So although it wasn't a big house-related weekend ~ and we don't have progress to show like the time we painted the whole upstairs in a Saturday ~ it was fun, excellent exercise, and a great way to appreciate God's creation.  And one big check mark on our panel list! :)

P.S. I hope you're liking my new re-commitment to frequent posting on the ol' blog!  Don't forget to leave comments, too :)


  1. you must have thighs of steel now!

  2. Thighs of steel...with a really awesome stripe (aka tan line from my bike shorts)