Monday, June 3, 2013

Must be doing something right...

During the past two weekends, we've traveled to visit family in Pennsylvania.  Both weekends were wonderful, surrounded by lots of people we love.  We were spoiled (and not just Anna!), well cared for, and well fed.  Make no mistake, they were great weekends.  But, MAN, rounding the corner onto our street never feels so good as after a weekend away.  People always say they're happy to be in their own bed - I'll also admit I'm happy to be in my own kitchen and living room and bathroom and porch and everything else.  Again, just to be clear - there's absolutely nothing wrong with the places we visited (in fact they might even be nicer than ours!) but they're just not home.

It's not a new idea for me to be glad to be home.  But tonight, I witnessed something incredibly sweet.  When we pulled up, the stopping of the car made Anna wake up and start fussing (all the hours in the car have made her less than fond of her carseat).  I unstrapped her and stood in the driveway to give her a few cuddles and bounces.  She stopped crying and woke up fully.  As she rubbed her little eyes, she looked up at the  porch.  And I could literally see it dawn on her - oh hey - I know this place!  She broke out in a huge smile.  When I brought her upstairs to her room to get ready for bed, it was the same way.  She clearly knew where she was, and was also very clearly happy about that. 

Justin and I have talked a lot about wanting to create a home for Anna and any future siblings that makes them comfortable and happy - and a place where they want to be.  We've read and observed that a desire to be home and with family is one of the common threads in raising good kids.  It was so affirming to see that we've met that for her in the last nine months.  Now - if we can just keep it up through the teenage years :)

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