Friday, May 8, 2015

On Purpose and Passion: Ye ol' Blog

For most of its existence, I have felt that this blog has had an identity crisis.  I don't think I was ever sure of my goals - I was straddling the line of just being a convenient place to simultaneously update my dad, Justin's grandma, and 15 different friends with pictures of the house and the girls while also trying to be more than a wall-flower in the online community of Catholic moms which provided me so much during the isolating period of young motherhood.

It's felt weird at times to issue a one-size-fits-all announcement about, well, whatever I'm saying at the moment.  But what I've been so pleasantly surprised by is how my random ramblings have resonated with friends from different stages of my life.  The "me too" feeling is so powerful and affirming, and I've been excited when I've had the chance to share that with a high school classmate or a work colleague who has found herself in a similar place of frustration at wondering if toddler and tornado have some etymological connection.

I've managed to collect a few (very few) readers over the years, including some new friends who, oddly enough, I've never actually met.  And while I welcome the random stranger (of the non-creepy variety) who happens upon this blog, this happily will never be the best, brightest, or biggest blog you'll come across as you click your way through an evening.  

Primarily, dear friends and family, this is for you.  

First and foremost, I hope to be the update, a collection of memories and pictures that, well, are as much for me as for you (and many that would not have otherwise been captured were it not for the nagging "hey, you should blog about this" voice in the back of my head).  As you've grown to be accustomed, it will come it fits and starts, long periods of drought followed by excited and potentially very random updates.  I'm growing more and more content to let it be what it will be, here when I want it and still waiting when I don't.  

I've also found that - purely by having been the first to experience home-ownership and motherhood (and not by any actual verifiable expertise) - I have managed to establish myself in certain circles of my friends as the one who knows about renovation and about diapering a newborn.  So I hope to also be the encouragement, the "me too," and "you've gotta try this" from a friend that you trust over the 4.5-star Amazon review, a few friendly tips and recommendations against the cacophony of the Internet-at-large.  


So although a Pinterest search could bring you 100s of painting tutorials from (actual) experts, I'll (hopefully) be sharing my Beginner's Guide to Painting next week at the request of one of my dearest and longest friends.  

And if you've ever wondered why you traded your heels and important meetings for a life with, read this beautiful and encouraging article I came across tonight: When Satan Tells You You're Too Good for Motherhood.


Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for being you!  xoxo


  1. Oh, I feel ya. I've been suffering blog identity crisis for a while too. It just is what it is, and the few readers other than family who keep coming back are cool with what it is, so I'm trying not to freak out and force things. I'm excited to see whatever posts you're able to whip up, but no pressure! :) Focus on those girlies and that sweet house!

  2. I feel the same way about my blog..I think it's reading and listening to all these things about "what you should do to grow your blog" and then it just gets overwhelming and then it feels like I start losing my voice and purpose trying to make a purpose. I think you're doing great and I LOVE seeing your house updates :-)

  3. I NEED a guide to painting! Does it come with free babysitting? Something needs to be done about our entire pencil & crayon-covered upstairs...

  4. I'm sorry, but I have to call out the hyperlink business, because that article is ridiculous and hateful (if not indicative of post-partum depression that the writer needed to seek support for).

    In any case, Satan or "selfishness" isn't involved in my decision to enjoy my career and love seeing the world. I'm not married -- I wish I was, that would nice to finally find the right man, but newsflash: not everyone meets the love of their life at 20 or gets married before 25! And in the meantime, no, I'm not a "half person" who is on the verge of falling apart, who needs the pity of the young, smug married people. If you look around, many women manage to survive being 30 and single and without's increasingly the norm in our society for various reasons, good and bad. But should any woman be viewed as less of a woman for having or not having kids? Geez, I hope my 'worth' isn't dependent on biology in the year 2015, and I hope we've evolved culturally to realize that motherhood is not one-size fits all or the be-all end-all of existence..I have respect for all of my friends who have become mothers, and my friends who have decided it's not for them... and as a single and 30-something I don't know if kids will ever be an option for me -- maybe I'll never meet a husband... so if I don't have kids, then does that make me a horrible, selfish person for being out there? By these standards, it seems, yes -- if a woman fails to reproduce, then that's it -- she's never going to be "whole" -- never mind an ivy league education or writing a book, or volunteer work, etc. I don't expect you to relate or empathize, given the obvious bias, but can I say that the last thing women need to be doing to each other is putting each other down...seriously, life is hard enough, but it's pretty messed that both pop culture and the religious right punch single/childless women like me in the face every day for no reason other than we exist...
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