Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm not dead...

...but my camera is :( I haven't been able to locate the battery charger since our honeymoon. I'm hoping that it wasn't on the nightstand in the hotel, and there's certainly enough stuff in transition for it to be hiding somewhere in the house!

So between lack of pictures, limited computer access, and lots of visitors and projects, the blog has clearly fallen by the wayside. But I'm ba-aack! (I know, you've heard that before).

In the "big things" department, there is no longer a bed in the kitchen, there is drywall in the extra bedroom, and we have a new furnace (complete with a programmable thermostat that looks like it's capable to communicate with the space station as well as with our heater).

In the "little things that seem like big things to Emily" department, see below:

Excuse the quality of the photos, they're both from my cell phone (given the aforementioned camera issue). Huge thanks to my parents who are responsible for a large portion of the completed work! There are some other big things underway...stay tuned (for a short time, I promise) to see more progress :)

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  1. aww, wedding cake topper!
    and awesome turkeys. :)