Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like the prodigal son...

There is much rejoicing (on my part, at least) that my camera battery recharger has been found! Lots of credit to Justin, who told me to look in his orange bag a week or more ago (but I didn't believe that it could have possibly ended up in there).

I also anticipate rejoicing on the part of my many (ha!) readers, as the long dry spell of posts will be coming to an end. In addition to finding the camera cord, we just submitted an order for a laptop!! I will soon be able to write blog posts without feeling like I'm stealing away valuable educational time from the Dr.-to-be.

Now we can all go slaughter the fattened turkey to celebrate! There's lots to be thankful for (even without the new found technology).


  1. I bet you have more readers than you think!

  2. you may have more readers than you think...