Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"I think I even got it on the dog"

Just to be clear, up front:

Objectives met by this blog post:
- Returning "from the dead" and posting something...anything on the ol' blog
- Re-iterating how awesome our kitchen floors truly are
- Memorializing a hilarious night, because let's be honest, this blog is really my scrapbook

Objectives NOT met by this blog post:
- Sharing things that are meaningful, cool to look at, and/or relate to making our house better

And now, the blog post:

Tonight is supposed to be our first frost up here in Ithaca.  True to our loyalties, Justin harvested all of the edible plants (all the remaining peppers in the garden, plus large amounts of mint & basil), and I harvested the pretty plants.  I stuck my zinnias in a vase, and Justin settled in for preserving mint and basil in extra ice cube trays.  He blended the herbs (not together) with some water in the blender, and then froze them in the trays, so that we can pop them out for mint tea, tomato basil soup, etc.

Everything was going very well.  I was upstairs, brushing my teeth, when I heard a bang and an "oh no."  I yelled down to check on what happened, and Justin said that he had dropped a tray.  He rattled off a litany of things that were now covered in green sludge, capping it off with "I think I even got it on the dog."  And with that statement, I totally lost it in laughter.  Even typing it again, I am laughing out loud.

I came downstairs and, true to form, wanted to photograph everything before actually helping to clean up.  The picture process took 5 minutes or more because I was laughing too hard to hold still.  Excuse the blurriness of the pictures, they were from my cell phone, and I was still shaking a bit.

In the process of trying to get a close-up of the damage, I ended up accidentally sitting in the mess and getting it all over my pants (I told you, these floors are really good at hiding messes).  And we laughed, and we laughed, and we laughed.

Everything is cleaned up now, and we're only short a few herb cubes.  But we're both still laughing...and I thought that was something worth sharing!!  Justin shared it (more concisely) on his facebook: Preserving Basil and Mint tonight...via freezing them in herb ice cubes. The process was working very well until I splashed a mint slurry on our carpet, fridge, cabinets, and dog, all of which are white. Also got my slippers, shorts, shirt, socks, and even my wife when she fell down in it from laughing. What a night.

Can you tell we're adjusting to a new "post-renovation" lifestyle?  There's still plenty of little projects to keep us busy, but we're getting used to our "new normal"....and loving it!

P.S. We didn't get a dog, we're dog-sitting Justin's family's dog Buddy for the week.  If dogs could talk, he'd probably be begging to go home...where they don't spill mint sludge on his fur!

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