Thursday, September 22, 2011

Procrastination, continued

Today's edition of "things I do when I should be sleeping" is another blog post.  I'm totally worn out from a week of work that has been similar to drinking from a fire hose (and of course, my late-night crafting habit that hasn't helped the sleep schedule!), but I have another exciting kitchen update to share.

You may remember that when I last shared the kitchen, there was a little disorganization issue going on over in the corner:

Well, last Thursday night, we remedied that situation with a trip to Home Depot.  After some careful direction following, we have a pantry!

The amount of storage space is amazing.  It's really nice to be able to store all of our canned goods, dry goods, etc in a way that is easy to access.  (I should note that before our renovation, all of the aforementioned items shared a single kitchen cabinet with the crockpot, cutting boards, rolling pin, and baking dishes.)

On top of the cabinet, I placed the fern from our front porch (we had some cool evenings and I was afraid of it dying a premature death).  While I was in the process of deciding what else to put up top, my grandparents came for a weekend visit.  They brought the handmade nativity set that my grandmother has had for years.  Since I always admired it when we visited their house at Christmas time, she decided that she wanted Justin and I to have it.  We were both really touched by this very sweet gesture!  We talked about putting it on top of the cabinet at Christmastime, and by the end of the weekend it was set up there!  I imagine that we'll rotate seasonal decor and other things on top of the cabinet, but for now I'm enjoying seeing this gift.

Hooray storage and hooray generosity!  And now...hooray bedtime!  :)

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