Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A really good excuse...

I had thought that by now most of my readers would have given up on me, but I just checked the blog stats, and there's a few die-hard fans checking in daily.  I imagine there's a strong correlation between those who are checking and the folks who have been quite vocal about telling me to update!  ;)

Granted, I last left you hanging in Advent, and we're a few days away from Lent already.  Since I last wrote, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day have all come and gone.  I know it's been quite a while, and certainly long enough to justify the "UPDATE ALREADY" requests demands.  But I promise, this is my best "why I haven't written" excuse yet.

I've been busy being very productive...

Yes folks, that's a tiny little human depicted above.  OUR tiny little human.  Well, the tiny little human who God has entrusted to our care.

Growing a baby has been our most tiring project yet.  While I'm thankful to report that I've made it through the first trimester with very limited symptoms or morning sickness, I think I've had a double dose of exhaustion.  I barely have had the energy to meet my basic needs (like preparing food), let alone even think about the blog!  Gradually (and thankfully), I'm starting to feel more energy - thus a blog post!

I have some pictures to share from Christmas to catch you up a bit from where I left off.

Christmas 2011
 Our Christmas tree & nativity scene looked far better this year - 
and a lot more homey against the backdrop of new paint and furnishings!
 (here's a reminder of how it was last year)

Christmas 2010
Our annual Christmas Eve picture
Our first family picture!
Justin loves the baby!  He talks to and kisses him or her multiple times each day
Christmas morning - showing his new gift!
Despite all of the pregnancy napping, we still have home renovation updates to share from the last few months.  Mostly, they're projects that Justin has completed (given my aforementioned nap habit), but knowing the baby is coming in August has given both of us the inspiration to finish a lot of little things that will take the house from "almost done" to "done!"  I have plenty of things to show it won't be another three months until I update, I promise!


  1. Honey, no way!!!! I just found out I'm expecting triplets!!!!

  2. What spectacular news! Congratulations! Had been wondering what you'd been up to and hoping that all was well. Best excuse ever.