Thursday, March 8, 2012

A less good excuse...

If we're friends on facebook, you're probably jumping on board with my sister's recent comment:

You better write in your blog again soon, unless you have another "good excuse" up your sleeve like it's actually triplets or something. :P

Given the speed with which people started "liking" this, I realized it was probably about time for another update :)  Especially since I don't have any twin or triplet excuses.

But look - I have a baby bump picture!  In my mind, at least, that should buy me a few more weeks before the next post, right?  ;)  Not quite as long as the ultrasound picture, but perhaps at least a few days??  You see, in true Emily form, I took my newfound 2nd-trimester energy as a green-light to return to my pre-pregnancy craziness.  The amount of traveling/hosting/organizing/working that kept me exhausted before I was simultaneously growing a human is, naturally - but somehow still surprisingly to me - wearing me out even more.  Over the last two weeks, I think I learned an important lesson about the need to establish a healthy stay tuned and let's see how much of that lesson I actually put into practice!

I shouldn't keep teasing you with this for so long (except I literally am too tired to find the camera and take/upload pictures), but the house is really coming along!  For the first time, I feel that it is cozy and I'm proud to have people over (to see it in its current state, not just to see it for it's change).  Also, for the first time, I know where all of my belongings are located.  I owe you lots of organization & decoration pictures :)

But, for now, a tired picture of me, plus my expansion pack (gotta find room somewhere for a lemon-sized baby!)

P.S. Yes, we now decorate with onesies.  I promise the other decor-related updates are a little more conventional and, uh, classy!

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  1. My bump is approximately 3x that size!