Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nesting for a perpetual nester

You may have thought that my blog absence meant we had welcomed Baby Anna.  No such luck yet.

Plenty of people have asked if I've been "nesting" to get ready for the baby.  Although I did have one scrubbing-the-stove-at-3:00-AM incident a few weeks ago, I've generally been nesting since we bought this house two years ago!  I'd consider myself a perpetual nester, one who always wants to feather her nest to make it beautiful for her family & guests.  So, what have I been doing with my end-of-pregnancy energy?

Well, we hosted a party last Friday.  When my Wednesday afternoon doctor's appointment implied that the baby wouldn't be making an arrival in the next few days, we decided to host an impromptu BBQ with an attendee list that quickly grew from three other couples to quite a large group.  It ended up being a blast, and I think we had 17 or 18 people when all was said and done.  Murphy's law was not enacted (I was afraid that my water would break as I carried all the bags of groceries into the house that afternoon, or at some other equally inopportune time!)

Later in the weekend, we decided to spend some time at a park along the lake.  

It was a beautiful day, and Justin swam while I relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


We did take a walk, too, and Justin snapped final (?) belly shots along the lake.  I had to laugh, because this one in particular really shows how much of a belly bump I have going on!  I don't know if I've shared it on the blog, but my doctor is anticipating Baby Anna will be in the 9 pound range.  So, both of us are pretty big girls these days!  Looking forward to finding the "former glory" that was my pre-baby body soon :)


The "before" picture is from Christmas Eve, a few days after we found out about the baby!  Looking back, I miss not only my smaller self, but also my wardrobe!  Honestly, being able to wear anything other than Justin's gym shorts sounds good about now!  C'mon, Baby Anna!

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