Monday, May 19, 2014

Pictures galore

Life is...well, busy.  At the moment, I find it mostly exciting, although I will be honest in saying there have been plenty of days when all of the logistics and planning for the move (not to mention the emotional roller coaster associated with leaving our home) have left me, shall we say, just a bit stressed.

There's plenty of things I've thought about posting, but I obviously haven't gotten there!  I have, however, been taking lots of pictures (and continue to be SO thankful that Justin Claus brought a new camera!)

So since pictures are worth a thousand words, here's the big update of the past few weeks.  We've had plenty of celebration mixed in with the planning and stressing - and we're gearing up for the biggest celebration of all, Justin's PhD graduation this weekend!

Easter Sunday (my favorite part was our hats!)

Pretty excited about hunting for eggs...

Sharing "the farm" (one of Daddy's favorite places on Earth) with Anna

My beautiful sister graduated summa cum laude from nursing school!  
(This was right after her pinning ceremony)

Mother's Day 
(In Anna's mind, Mumsie is obviously preferred over Mom!)

If you thought the whale dress was cool, check out this bunny dress that my mom made (!!)
If I had remembered it was in the "too big" bin earlier, I would have had her wear it for Easter Sunday, although since it's still Easter, it was still appropriate :)  (Aren't you proud, Meg?!)  Anna was pretty pumped about having "dunnies" going "op op op" on her neck.

You can't post just one when it's a little girl in a smocked dress!

This started out as a "What I Wore Sunday" / bump update post...
20 weeks!


It's a SISTER!


  1. Congratulations!!! Sisters are the bestest! I love that bunny dress; your mom is so talented! Holy cow!

  2. She MADE the smocked dress? That's amazing. AMAZING. Matching sister dresses for every holiday from now on? Pleeeease let her do it :)