Friday, October 4, 2013

Quick Takes: Edition 6

For all of you who have been so patiently awaiting the reveal of the whale dress, today is your day!  As suspected, announcing here that I wanted to have it done by today's story hour was an effective motivator - deadlines do help, after all :)  I won't mention that I was hemming it at 10:15 (story hour started at 11) - although, to be fair, it was completely finished last night, but when I held it up to her this morning I decided to let the hem out an inch so that it was more of a dress and less of a tunic.

And because I'm limited on both time and ideas today, these are going to be exceptionally quick takes (and very whale-centric!)  Linking up with Jen as usual - happy weekend, all!


Pre-library reading photo shoot.


Incidentally, she was more into reading the books we have at home than any we saw at the library.


Every time I try to pick a favorite shot after a photoshoot I say, "um, all of them?"  
Her cuteness manages to outweigh my incredible lack of photography skills.


I went with the plain ol' ribbon-in-hair approach because the headband I finished last night does not fit.  (Second too-small project finished this week.  The other was a crocheted hat.  Maybe I should measure her head).


I'm far less reckless than this photo would suggest.
(But even standing on the rocking chair seemed like a good idea for a few seconds to capture the back of the dress!)


Checking out books, pre-story hour.


I will never get tired of profile shots that show off those cheeks!

Looking forward to going back to story-hour next week (with considerably less pomp regarding her attire).


  1. Those cheeks! I love the dress, too. Very cute. I wish I had sewing skills... or knitting... or crocheting. :-)

  2. The dress is beautiful and the baby more so! Great pictures.
    Big Family Small Farm—7QT’s

  3. Oh my goodness, the dress is so adorable! And she only makes it cuter :)

    I have the same problem picking pictures - so I just post them all!