Saturday, August 2, 2014

Alive and well

Hello, all!  I have a much longer post partially written in which I will give a full update about our transition, how we're settling in, etc, etc (hopefully coming sometime in the next few days!) but I've started to feel guilty about how long I've left you all hanging, especially with such a dramatic/tearful last post.

I won't go into details here (otherwise this post will end up in drafts with the other one), but the Cliff Notes version is that the move went very well and the transition continues to be easier than expected (except perhaps getting an Ohio driver's license, but we eventually conquered that as well).  There's aspects of Ithaca that we miss (most especially people) but by and large we've found ourselves feeling settled more quickly than I would have ever imagined.  I still cry if I look at pictures of the house, but on a day to day basis I don't think of it often or miss it specifically.

I posted these two pictures (from the day we bought our house, and the day we sold it) on Facebook right after we moved with the following caption:

4 years, 1 marriage, 2 sweet girls, 1 PhD, a revolving door of wonderful visitors, thousands of laughs, hugs, and tears, and hundreds of trips to Lowe's. Good-bye to the wonderful home that has held it all.

When we stood on that porch in June of 2010, we had no idea what was to come - the ups and downs of renovation, the incredible people who would come through the doors and into our lives, and the joys and trials of daily life.

Looking back and seeing all that those 4 years (and our beloved house) held is an encouraging thought as we stand here on the brink of a new life in Steubenville, our toes just over the edge into a new adventure.  Remembering how God's beautiful plans have played out gives me confidence and excitement to look ahead to each coming day as the next chapters begin to unfold.

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