Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Anna goes to the zoo!

As I promised last week, for anyone who made it through my extensive update post, here is your reward in the form of Anna at the zoo pictures.

Last week, I got hit pretty hard by a cold virus that had me spending most of the day in bed for the better part of the week.  On Thursday, I thought I was feeling better, but about a half hour after breakfast, I found myself asking Justin if he would watch Anna so that I could take a nap.  I awoke 3 hours later to find a note saying "At the zoo.  Took sunscreen, cell phone, snack, water.  Love you."  My heart swelled with thankfulness for such a thoughtful and wonderful husband who even thought to preempt my type-A worrying that Anna might get hot or sunburned (and thankfulness also for the relative calm-before-the-storm he has work wise before the semester starts; I won't be able to take leisurely naps, sick or not, in a few weeks!).

When he showed me all of the pictures he took at the zoo, I couldn't help again but be so thankful for this wonderful man - such a great daddy - and for our sweet little girl!  We have both been enjoying Anna's recent developments communication and understanding of the world, and it's so much fun to see her discover things and delight in the little joys of life.  These pictures were just too cute not to share :)

This was Anna's first trip to the zoo.  On the way, Justin was asking her if she wanted to go to the zoo and see animals.  He said she lit up and said "doggies?!"  Sweet girl was in for a surprise that there were "MON KEEEEYS" and "ele pents" and "fishies" to see, as well as a dinner date (with some shared "ICE KEEM!") with daddy on the way home.

Although most of these shots are of her back, I love that you can see her excitement and interest just from her poses.  Sorry if they come out sort of grainy, they're from Justin's cell phone.

Apparently, shortly after this, the baby monkey headed right for Anna and she got scared and ran back to Justin.
(Anna tells me: "Monkeys.  ehh ehh (her fake cry sound).  Daddy.  Up pease."

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