Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIML, Wednesday

Hello, again!  Are you sick of the daily updates yet?

After yesterday's run down, one of my high school friends commented on my facebook page, "so the baby only ate once in the van on the way home?" pointing out that my play-by-play was, in fact, missing a lot of plays (because, yes, little one wants mama milk far more than once a day!)

I had that comment in my head as we were getting ready this morning, and I was laughing at how ridiculous a true play-by-play would be.  I mentally narrated the process of getting dressed with all of the intermittent pacifier retrieval and dress-up assistance (Anna had layered her pajamas with a maternity dress she found in my mending pile and her new play apron, and her baby doll was not staying in this "tarrie ay" (carrier) [the apron] as she thought she should), and through this exercise, quickly gained an appreciation for just how much of the day I spend doing 3 (plus) things at once.

A few minutes later, I found myself basking in just how previous Anna was - I had called her a silly goose, and she said "nooo!  I'm Anna Rose, Mommy!" and she leaned her head on the door frame and looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and started singing "Rock-a-bye, Anna Rose."  And in that moment, I felt a great loss for how many of these beautiful moments that I cannot adequately capture or remember.  Over the course of the day, she makes me laugh and smile over and over again with her hilarious and sweet comments, and by the time Justin gets home I'm lucky if I can think of even one of them to tell him, and even then, the retelling is never as sweet as her little voice or her little head tilt.  I wish I had a constant video camera stream to replay all of those moments - for my own sake and for sharing, too.

How's that for a recap of the day, huh?  I do a lot of things and I can't remember most of them.  Ha.

The only picture I happened to take on my phone today (ironic since I'm so worried about forgetting the memories with the girls??).  I was pumped about having greeted this chilly day with vegetable soup and homemade bread.  I've had "find a good vegetable soup" recipe on my to-do list for a while, because it strikes me as old-fashioned and homey necessity.  This recipe didn't disappoint (reduce the water, add green beans and shredded cabbage).  The bread is this one that Rosie recommended (mine doesn't look as good as hers, though, so perfecting that is next on my homemaker to-do list).

Aaaand, I think I'm too tired to make any other coherent thoughts!  Goodnight  (And because I have a toddler, Goodnight moon.  Goodnight red balloon.)

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