Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Planting the Seeds

Do you know that feeling when you make your bed neatly, and then LITERALLY thirty seconds later it looks like this?

No?  Then you probably don't have a toddler.

And for those of you who think my standards are ridiculously high or my disorganization stress-point ridiculously low, this - like the cheerios-on-couch shot from last year this time - is just one narrowly focused picture of one minute of the day.  Hinting at, but not effectively illustrating the frustrating speed at which things are undone.  

Some days the ratio of steps forwards to back are manageable, and then there are others like today when I reach the evening and want to pull my hair out at seemingly having accomplished absolutely nothing.

And of course, it's the nurturing and the feeding and the reading and the potty trips and the diaper changes and the snuggling and the bathing and the playing and the layering-for-playing-in-snow-with-daddy and the unlayering-from-playing-in-the-snow-with daddy that DID get done.  

It's this quote I found in a magazine last night and have clung to all day - one that, I think, sums up all of motherhood:

It's not the picture-perfect home in this moment, but the lessons in routine and in taking care of our things.

It's not the completed sewing projects, but the love for creativity and digging through mom's stash.

It's not a complete understanding of our faith, but the little prayers and conversations throughout the day.

The longer and longer stretches without accidents in big girl undies.

The excitement at reading together and recognizing letters.

The comfort of being held and loved.

Not accomplishments for today, but seeds for tomorrow.  Lessons and values and successes that will bloom over lifetimes, the harvest of our labors.

Rest in that assurance, my fellow moms. 

Gratuitous snow-playing and fabric-stashing photos, since I mentioned it ;)  And happy Julia because she's so darn cute!

"Look, mom, Doolie is married"


  1. I so hear you on this one. As an avid list maker who LOVES to check things off the list...having those things undone is SO hard. I love that quote! One of my favorites is "A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life" - it makes me feel better knowing that I spent time reading, nursing, or playing outside instead of getting my housework done somedays.

  2. Thanks for this reminder, Emily! My 35-weeks-pregnant-and-grumpy hormones have kicked in in a big way, and trying to keep this kind of perspective is very helpful! We've had a rough week here as I've been trying to get things done, and today I just decided to give up on accomplishing anything and fully focus on the girls, and the day went SO much better!

  3. Amen! We're beginning to see the products of our efforts now and it makes it so much more rewarding to go about the regular old diaper changes and lunch making :)