Sunday, January 11, 2015

12 in 2014 {photo year in review}

As usual, more time away from the blog makes it harder to jump back into it...but thankfully the "12 in 2014" photo link-up at House Unseen is still open for procrastinators like me (and good practice for choosing pictures for the 2014 photo book that is on my January to-do list).

And so I bring you, the 12 pictures that capture the defining moments, the defining characteristics of our family over the course of this (busy) year!

PhD dissertation, academic papers, developing new courses.
Always busy, always loving his girls.

Spunk, enthusiasm, new things every day.
Daily joys of life with a toddler.

Spunk, enthusiasm, new things every day.
Daily challenges of life with a toddler.

Joy, anticipation, lots of pink.
A sister's on her way.

Pride, accomplishment, pomp & circumstance.
Daddy is a Doctor.

Boxes, boxes, boxes.
Preparing to say good-bye.

Empty rooms, lots of tears.
Farewell, beloved home.

The wait is over, a beauty's born.
Welcome, Julie Mae.

Cuddles, snuggles, lots of joy.
Daily life with two.

Matching outfits, sharing smiles.
Loving little sister.

Spunky, happy, smart, and caring.
Toddler Anna Rose.

Smiling, cooing , easy-going.
Baby Julie Mae.

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