Thursday, February 26, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} volume 3 - the completed crafts edition

On the tails of my post about not being able to get things done, it might seem a bit discontinuous to post my completed craft projects.  However, the "not getting ANYTHING done" should really be read more in the context of "not getting ALL the crazy things Emily can think up done" rather than the literal nothing.  Someday, maybe I'll learn to set reasonable expectations about what can be done in 24 hours...

But anyway, doing something permanent helps with my sanity during the wash-rinse-repeat cycle of my days, when there is more dog hair on the couch now than there was 24 hours ago...despite me having vacuumed it in between (argh!).  I've recently been inspired by some friends to do a better job documenting the projects I complete - partly so that I can contribute something better than "oh yeah, I made a, uh, thing once" when they pull out a binder of beautiful pictures of their completed projects (true story) - and partly to remind myself that, every once and a while, I do get a thing or two finished (even if it's not the 15 things I planned on!)


My mom's Valentine's Day present, made from this pattern.  Don't look too closely, or it won't deserve it's "pretty" categorization.


Anna's new winter hat.  I finished it late one night and couldn't wait to show her the next morning.  She immediately began "painting" with the tassels.


At around 11:30 the night before my Godson's Baptism, I kept saying "I really should have just bought a Bible"...but I kept on sewing and managed to not be too exhausted when we welcomed that sweet baby into the Church the next day!

I designed it with the ship motif as a nod to his namesake St. Brendan, the Navigator and incorporated the cross into the mast and the fish is a nod to the ichthus (fish) symbol of Christianity.


Photo quality is low, as I had to go on a wild goose chase to collect these pictures (one from my cell phone, one from the tablet, and some from my old camera) - at least I documented them?

I have to be realistic in recognizing that the only reason I was able to get the quilt done is thanks to Justin's mom & grandmother who were visiting and took care of the girls while I went on my sewing binge.  I moved my sewing machine down to the kitchen table, and it was fun to visit with them while I worked.  Also, I can crochet while holding a sleeping baby, so my project to-do list has been including more of that and less of the sewing machine variety (although right before Christmas, I did sew with the girls on my lap (but not both of them at the same time!))

I also have been trying to only do projects that use the materials I already own.  I read an article a few months ago that talked about how the constant desire to buy more projects can take the joy away from crafting, planting seeds of discontent because the project you already have is not as exciting as the one you might find.  Especially given my inability to set realistic expectations for what I can finish, I've realized that buying fabric is like buying stress (for me, right now!) because it just adds something else unattainable to my to-do list.  So, for this year, I've decided to only buy craft materials to finish project I'm already working on - and only when I'm actually at the point of the project that I need those things.  (I've rushed out plenty of times before for the things I "need" to work on a project that has yet to be started).  So far, it's been a great experiment and has restored some of the lost excitement, and even the creativity, to sewing and crocheting.

My year-to-date craft expenditures for 2015?  $0.00  

(Had to get this post in under the wire, as I'm going to Jo-Anns tomorrow - but I need elastic for new flannel sheets I've almost finished for the girls!)

(p.s., fun fact, I know Ana's sister from the craft nights I gushed about before!)


  1. Very impressive! Especially the fact that you can crochet while holding a baby...a true professional :)

  2. Wow!!! This is all so very impressive, way to go!!

  3. You have inspired me with your comments about craft purchases. I tend to pop into Hobby Lobby while my son is at piano lessons and think...I have that 40% off coupon! Right now I have at least 3 projects in the works....I will be giving this quote some more thought..."I read an article a few months ago that talked about how the constant desire to buy more projects can take the joy away from crafting, planting seeds of discontent because the project you already have is not as exciting as the one you might find" Thanks for sharing" God bless!

  4. Hi Emily! Found your blog through LMLD...great job on the quilt! I really like how you incorporated the cross and the ichthus. A big "Welcome" to your Godson into the Church! And, I can so relate to what you said about the article--especially about what you said about rushing out to buy the things needed for a project that has yet to be started--guilty, guilty!! My husband gently reminds me that I've got enough "projects" to last a hundred years!