Monday, February 9, 2015

The Goodbye Tour: Anna's Room

I have photos from a few more rooms of the old house still sitting in my blog drafts (just for a mere 6 months since our move...) so I want to finish up the "good-bye tour" before it's ancient history!

(If you're just joining us, this blog was originally the renovation diary of our 1890s era house in Ithaca, NY that had seen some better days!  We moved this summer and are currently house-sitting for a family who is abroad and hope to buy a new house/project this spring).

Anna's room (originally the sewing/guest room) was the most significant renovation we did aside from the kitchen.  It was our first experience with taking a room down to the studs, and our first go at drywall (the final bumpy walls proved that ;) )

Here's the room when we moved in:  My sister called it the "birthplace of Abraham Lincoln" (perhaps inspired by the falling-down wood paneling?  We can't be sure.

We had some wonderful help from friends and family with demolition and insulation.

Sanding, and sanding, and sanding, and sanding.  There's a reason that no one likes to do drywall!



Decor, Round 1!


And then, we found out we were having a little girl, and it was transformed into a nursery:

 Anna still asks from time to time " 'member old house?"  It's still bittersweet for sure to see these pictures, but my trust is growing by the day that in His time God will show us our new home.  I'm just excited to find it and get started making it our own, too :)  Also, it's going to be like Christmas morning when I get to open all of our storage boxes!  I look at these pictures and keep thinking "oh yeah!  I forgot about that thing!"

 But back to the renovation.  Here's old posts chronicling this transformation:

Removed the wood paneling and old lathe, gutting the room to the studs
Added new insulation
Hung & finished drywall
Primed & painted
Had carpet installed
Furnished & decorated a guest/sewing room
Upgraded to a nursery

 And one more time:

See more "good-bye tour" posts HERE and the whole house tour HERE.

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