Saturday, February 19, 2011

A long awaited status report

I hope none of you were holding your breath waiting for the status report I promised last Friday.  Even crossing your fingers for a new post would have resulted in stiff fingers, given how long I kept you waiting!

And so, without further ado, the progress report.  As you remember, I listed 8 goals for last weekend.  Part of the delay in posting a status report was the fact that I was still working on this list today...

1) Find the kitchen table. - CHECK!  See how much better it looks when it is set for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner instead of being piled high with stuff!

2) Do some laundry.  CHECK - sheets, towels, underwear and socks all washed!  Everything else can wait until Tuesday when I can do laundry IN MY OWN HOUSE.  Not that I'm excited or anything.  LAUNDRY!  HERE!  AHH!

3) Paint the stairwell.  CHECK - including the trim & hand rail

4) Hang the crown moulding in the sewing room. CHECK - just needs finishing touches (sanding the wood filler in the nail holes and touching up the paint)

Don't worry, the corners aren't a mistake.  We used corner crown moulding blocks from Lowes - they look sort of like the little sister to this one they have online:

EverTrue 5.6" Inside Corner Crown Moulding Block

Of course, these are decorative, and have nothing to do with our ability to master the geometry of cutting crown moulding inside corners ;) 

5) Paint the trim in both bedrooms.  HALF CHECK - sewing room is done (aside from the crown moulding touch-ups, but the master bedroom hasn't been done yet)

6) Install the vinyl floor tiles in the upstairs bathroom (bonus points for installing them in the downstairs bathroom, too) - CHECK - and one of my favorite projects to date!

7) Install the towel racks in the upstairs bathroom.  I realized this really wasn't an urgent project (aka, something that has to be done pre-plumbing and pre-carpet) and postponed...

8) Re-caulk the tub. CHECK!

Bonus points:  I had forgotten when I made my to-do list that both closets needed to be painted, so we took care of that, too! 

Looking ahead, we will be working on the finishing touches for upstairs.  The big moving day is less than 2 weeks away!  (Moving upstairs, that is!)  Oh, and did I mention that THE WASHER AND DRYER will be installed this week?  Exciting times....!

In terms of the blog, I'm looking forward to some room-by-room "before and after" posts!  Stay tuned!

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