Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend goals

I learned that a week seems to go by really quickly when it's Thursday and you're still feeling the effects of an insanely active/productive weekend.  (For a reminder of last weekend's accomplishments, click here).

Lo and behold, it's Friday again, and time for another fun weekend of renovation!  Some goals for this weekend:

1) Find the kitchen table.  Being that it's the only flat surface in our house (aside from Justin's desk), a lot happens here at the table.  We eat, we play games, I make Valentines, I leave piles of mail there (as part of my big commitment to respecting Justin's work space!!), I write the blog, and the table is generally a big, big mess.  Like really bad.  Don't look, Mom:

Hopefully that can be taken care of before Justin comes home for dinner tonight!

2) Do some laundry.  Since the washer and dryer were delivered, I have been tempted to avoid any future trips to the laundromat.  I scheduled the plumber's work for Tuesday the 22nd (HOORAY!!!) but I don't think our sock/underwear supplies will last us quite that long.  So, I will make one last trip this weekend, and take care of this little issue:

I know, it's bad to have that much laundry.  It gets worse - there's another pile (smaller, I promise!) in the bedroom!  Also, you may wonder why we don't use laundry baskets.  That is because our current living arrangements (in the den) don't really afford the luxury of clothing storage.  So, the laundry baskets house our clean clothes (not that there's many of them, these days!)

OK, so after two un-slob-ify tasks, the rest are real renovation, I promise!

3) Paint the stairwell.
4) Hang the crown moulding in the sewing room.
5) Paint the trim in both bedrooms.
6) Install the vinyl floor tiles in the upstairs bathroom (bonus points for installing them in the downstairs bathroom, too)
7) Install the towel racks in the upstairs bathroom.
8) Re-caulk the tub.

It's a big list, but based on the momentum of last weekend's successes, we may just be able to do it!  I'll keep you posted with progress :)

Anyone else out there have equally fun weekend plans?  And no, I'm not being sarcastic, I consider the list above fun!  (Except maybe that pesky laundromat trip ;) ).

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