Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday

In a rare change of events, I'm spending a Friday afternoon on our couch.  It's decidedly more peaceful than the last seven weeks, during which I have spent the hour immediately following my 4:30 end-of-workday throwing belongings into a suitcase for a weekend on the road.  (Granted, I did get to stay home two weeks ago, but I packed Justin's stuff that particular time around).

We have food in-progress for a friend's potluck dinner tonight, plans to finally buy some "adult" bedroom furniture this weekend (my definition for anything beyond our mattress-on-floor / tiny presserboard dresser set-up), and a whole weekend to work on whatever house projects we choose :)

Oh, and our garden is growing up a storm!

Life is good!  Hope your Fridays are equally as happy :)  Anybody else with exciting (or blissfully dull) weekends planned?

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