Thursday, June 30, 2011

No excuses

Hi again, folks.  It seems as though my "post-a-day" celebration of our one-year house anniversary got severely sidetracked, first by lack of internet, then by a variety of other things, not limited to the following list:

- my inability to estimate the number of things I can accomplish in a day
- preparing for weekend visitors
- having a great time with weekend visitors (Justin's dad and grandparents)
- spending time with friends
- checking out kitchen renovation books from the library and beginning to freak out about the proximity of our August kitchen plans
- my (somewhat crazy) solo trip to Harrisburg (round trip less than 24 hours) to attend the retirement celebration for my dear friend, Sue
- attempting to recover from aforementioned crazy driving trip (8 hours in the car)

More than anything, I think it's been me enjoying life.  Justin and I sat down on our porch last night (yes, there are lots of updates out there that I need to photo document) and in that moment, I had such complete happiness.  Sitting there, relaxing with my husband was so wonderful.

So I apologize that I often do get so caught up in living life that I don't get the chance to document life.  I have several half-written posts that I will update soon (although not too soon, because we will likely be quite busy enjoying our holiday weekend).  So thanks for checking in.  Keep coming back....I will eventually :)

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