Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kitchen Day #3: It's Electric

I can't remember if I've blogged about this fun fact before, but when Justin figured out the mapping of outlets and lights to circuits, he made a chart and titled it "It's Electric!"  This nod to the party dance favorite tune never ceases to make me laugh out loud.  It may be a silly thing, but it's one of those million little things that make me realize every day how blessed I am to be married to my very best friend.

But enough mushiness, time to get down to serious kitchen-reporting business.  I started my 3-day vacation today (ironically) by heading in to the office to finish up some phone calls and paperwork I couldn't finish during yesterday's busy-ness.  When I got home, it was off to the dump to drop off the second load of demolition junk, then to Lowe's for a 3-cart order of drywall, insulation, and other miscellaneous supplies.

There certainly aren't as many dramatic presto-chango pictures to show you as yesterday.  But the electric is looking much better today....cleaner, neater, and most importantly, safer!

We found some interesting/scary things when we removed the walls (you can get an idea from the random, hanging electrical boxes in the center of this picture)

Today, things are looking much better!

So, again, although there's been a lot of forward progress, I don't necessarily have a lot to write about tonight.    But you know me, and a 3 paragraph blog post is far too short for someone wordy like me.  For whatever reason, I just happened to remember a story that is tangentially related to this topic; and people have said they like the personal parts of the blog, so here we go:

Most readers probably know that Justin and I met at Bucknell.  We dated briefly our sophomore year, but although we knew there was some chemistry there, the timing didn't seem quite right, and we amicably split, only to develop a great friendship that eventually blossomed into a true romantic relationship during our senior year.  We laugh in retrospect at some of those friendly activities during which we were both so blind to something more that was developing.

One time in particular, Justin visited my dorm on a Friday or Saturday night.  I must have been the RA (resident assistant) on duty, meaning that I couldn't leave the building.  Justin claims now that he was bored; I claim now he just wanted to hang out with me.  We must have chatted for a while, and somehow, I ended up getting out my calculator, one that had been broken for several months, yet I held on to it because of my secret love of technical things.  Justin and I spent that evening kneeling on the floor of the dorm, taking the calculator apart, trying to fix it, trying to put it back together.  Justin thought/thinks that I got it out just for any excuse to keep him hanging around, I maintain that he was the only person nerdy enough to also find a thrill at taking apart and putting back together a calculator.

So, anyway, perhaps a silly story, but just something sweet I remember as a very evident precursor to our life now, taking apart and putting back together an old house.  It's clear God had lots of things in motion before we even had a clue.  I guess that's why our first dance at our wedding was the "Keeper of the Stars...."

It was no accident
Me finding you
Someone had a hand in it
Long before we ever knew

I can't remember now what happened with the calculator; I seem to think we never were able to get it to work.  Let's hope for better luck with the rest of this kitchen project!

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