Friday, July 29, 2011

Kitchen Day # 4 - 5: Thankful for friends

Kitchen days #4 and #5.  Let's see.  Lots of progress, including:

  • Electrical is almost all complete (except for the fact that I just returned from Lowe's an hour ago with a new pendant light that was not originally in the schematic)
  • Plumbing changes are well underway
  • Insulation 75% complete (everywhere we could without being in the way of the remaining electrical and plumbing)
  • The cabinet guy came, measured the space, and confirmed that our plan will work
  • We bought a dishwasher!  

None of the above would be possible if it weren't for our amazing friends, Greg, Ellen, Phil, and Rachael, who drove up from Pennsylvania to spend a long weekend with us.  We're thrilled that they found the time in their extremely busy lives to come visit, and even more shocked that they intentionally chose to visit specifically to hang out in the torn-apart kitchen!  Thankfully, they have the skills and patience to make it a very nice put-back-together kitchen, not to mention that they're making the whole process lots more fun!  :)

We should also give a shout-out to our dear local friends Glenn and Jenny (remember them from our winter snowshoe adventure?) who picked up and delivered dinner tonight for us and our lovely work crew!

We are certainly very thankful for such fabulous people!  Tomorrow, I'll try to remember to take more pictures of the progress (which will likely include drywall!)  But, for today, I'll leave you with victorious Phil, taken shortly after he pulled the old drain pipe from the floor:

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