Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A far cry from drywall

If I had finished and posted my "year in review" blog post (which will hopefully be appearing later this week), you would remember that last year's Independence Day project was hanging drywall on the kitchen ceiling.  We looked something like this: 

hot, sweaty, and quite cranky by the end.  This year, we spent the holiday weekend a little differently.

We spent Friday afternoon relaxing on the beach at the lake in Eagles Mere, PA, followed by a stay in a lovely Bed and Breakfast.  It had beautiful grounds, delicious breakfast, and a private hot tub in our room; all of which were totally awesome.

Saturday, with a change in pace, we set off hiking on the Loyalsock Trail.  After spending the afternoon splashing in the waters of the creek and napping on large, smooth rocks in the sun, we camped overnight. We survived not one...or two...or three...but FOUR major thunderstorms overnight in our tiny tent.  I have never heard such loud thunder, which was particularly amplified by the echoes through the valley.  Thankfully, we stayed dry despite the driving rains, and God saw us through to the morning.  My jury is still out on camping in general.  It was definitely lots of fun...before dark!

After hiking back out Sunday morning, we went to Mass at a sweet little county church, where the charm was increased by their lack of power (due to the storms).  We then joined Justin's family (his dad, sister Morgan, grandparents, and aunt and uncle) at their family's hunting cabin.  Delicious food and fun family time ensued.

Sunday night, Justin was part of the crew that set off the fireworks at the Eagles Mere Country Club.  He has done professional fireworks shows for five years or so now, and it just so happens that I have never been there to see it done.  Sunday was my first and last time to watch, let me tell you.  The fireworks were grand, but at the first "boom" I found myself suddenly sobbing and unable to look at the sky, my eyes trained only on the four silhouettes I saw running amidst the smoke on the ground, as if my intent watch could somehow protect Justin from my worst fears.  Although I intellectually understand that the fireworks show is done very safely, my emotions could not handle seeing the love of my life somewhere that appeared so dangerous.

I stole these pictures from my sister-in-law, Morgan (thanks, girl!).  You can see here in the second shot just how scary and dangerous the whole fireworks business looks, and why someone who is madly in love with her husband might not have enjoyed the whole event.

After I was able to hug Justin and clean myself up from being such a blubbery mess, we all headed back to the cabin for a camp fire and corresponding camp treats.  Monday brought a hike, another swim in the creek, and an impromptu but memorable picnic with Steve (my father-in-law), Morgan, and Justin.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  We both immensely enjoyed the opportunity to relax together.

On the home front, I'm distraught that I killed my front-porch hanging plant (a fuchsia) via neglect over vacation.  I thought that it could tough it out while we were away (without bothering neighbors or friends to water it) but I was wrong.  Intensive efforts to revive it are underway now, but the prospect doesn't look good.  In other news, our corn plants have far surpassed the "knee high by fourth of July" guide mark.

I hope each of you enjoyed a holiday weekend as much fun as ours!  :)


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  2. Nice corn you have there!