Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Lack of ongoing renovation," she says wryly

Yesterday, when I said that we didn't have much ongoing renovation, I wasn't TRYING to look for more projects.  The "luck of the Irish" expired though, and when I came downstairs, our good friends (who spent the night with us since their house is currently being packed for their move) said "...hate to be the bearer of bad news, but did you know you had a leak in the ceiling?"

I immediately thought of the rough patch of drywall that still needs to be finished, and hoped that maybe (despite the 50+ times they'd seen it before) they somehow confused that with a leak.


(It didn't look quite as bad initially; this is after Justin cut a bit away to help with the drainage of the puddle in the ceiling)

A few lessons:

1) Don't announce on the Internet that you don't have any renovation projects left to do
2) Two years of renovation can immensely improve your reaction to discovering leaking ceilings at 8 AM.
3) Two years of renovation can immensely improve your relationship & ability to civilly discuss a leaking ceiling at 8 AM.
4) If you own a bumGenius diaper sprayer to spray your daughter's dirty cloth diapers, do NOT under any circumstances ignore the written warnings about turning it off when not in use.  Do NOT forget which way is off on the handle.  Do NOT leave pressure in the hose.  Do NOT give your husband any room to gently point out the number of times he gave you the aforementioned reminders!

On another note, at least I'll have a bigger reason to finally fix the ceiling & we won't have the other rough patch any longer!  

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  1. Oh, no! Kudos to your hubby for "civilly" discussing it at 8 am after all those warnings.