Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick takes: trial run

1. I'm writing this in list format, similar to the "7 Quick Takes" that many bloggers do each Friday.  Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary hosts a link-up of everyone who is writing quick takes.   Since this is Tuesday, I'm not going to actually post mine on her page (you can see it here, though if you're interested - there's lots of great bloggers out there!), but I liked the format today for my many varied thoughts, and perhaps this trial run will prepare me to be a bona fide Quick Takes participant next time around.

2. I'm excited that my resurgence of blog energy seems to be sticking around - I've posted more this week than (I think) any week before!  As I've said before, I've given up on placing expectations on myself about when or how often I'm writing, and I'm simply enjoying the ride.  The real bonus is that the blog is also serving its purpose of connecting me to you - far away family & friends.  I've gotten messages, comments, and emails from several people after they've read my posts, and I really have enjoyed it!  Keep your comments coming!  If you aren't sure how to post a comment, I created a tutorial that you can access HERE.  I'm hoping that my 'real' comments can surpass the number of spam comments I've been getting :)

3. Did you notice that I've added another line to my header?  Now we're not just "recovering the beauty in a tired old home," we're also "seeking authentic joy for the family who lives within it."  I think this pretty accurately sums up what I'm trying to do - both with our life and with this blog.

4. Speaking of this "mission," I was recently looking at my "Who Am I & What Do I Hope to Find" section. I need to update it a bit to reflect our current status (the house is "done," and Anna's here!), but I did like this overview I had written way back when:

And so, project by project, we seek to
find the former glory.

Glory not only in new paint and new fixtures and new furnishings of a house,
but glory in the love and comfort and happiness of a home.

A place where the simple comforts of this life
bring peace and joy to all who enter
and an earthly reflection of our Heavenly home.

I've been thinking that - as I seek to create the type of home I describe - I'd like to make a list of what makes an ideal home & a joyful family so that we have a concrete list to strive for and grow towards.  I welcome your suggestions of things to add to that list.  What positive characteristics of a home or family stick out to you?

5. I'm getting pretty excited for the next few days.  Holy Week is my favorite time of the year, hands down.  I've also always appreciated that there are concrete traditions that help us to bring our faith beyond just a Sunday morning thing.  I like that we go to Mass on Thursday evening to celebrate Jesus' Last Supper (which was really the First Supper if you think of it in terms of the Eucharist), that we go again Friday to remember His Passion, that we have the coolest liturgy of the year on Saturday night, and that we get to cap it off with Alleluias and true joy on Easter morning.  In between, we have fasting, prayers, and traditions to round out the days.  Anna is too small to understand what's going on this year (although I suspect she may be tipped off that something's different when we go to church at night - she's starting to give us confused looks if we get off routine with things like bath time), but I'm looking forward to finding ways to share this season with her as she grows.

6. In terms of getting ready for Easter, check out my sewing table:

The lavender on the right is Anna's (40% (?)) finished Easter dress.  The green on the left is my (0%) finished Easter dress.  I decided a while ago that I'd like to have a tradition of making my daughter(s) dresses for each Christmas & Easter.  I broke down and bought her one for Christmas when I found the perfect one on the Carter's website, but I've kicked off my initiative for Easter.  Naturally, I decided to heap more projects on my plate and decided - oh, yesterday, I think - that I should also sew something for myself.  The scrap-fabric trial run fit me pretty well, so I have high hopes, although I haven't successfully sewn (non-maternity) clothes in years

7.  Can you guess where I'm headed momentarily?  See #6 ;)  Oh, and don't forget about #2 - I'd love to hear your comments!

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  1. What makes a home?...Found my favorite answer from the blog, "Today's Lady Virtue":
    Laughter makes my house a home. Whether it offers me perspective when I’m inconvenienced or characterizes the freedom I experience when I’m fully at play with my husband and children, cheerfulness heals hearts. It mends the messiness that this life momentarily brings. Laughter lifts my spirit, enabling me to rejoice when it is hard, to be thankful when trials present, and to love the people that live in this home...even when it’s sticky.