Friday, November 15, 2013

Quick Takes: Edition 12

Challenging myself to be super short - can these be the quickest of all the quick takes?

-1- Crazy week: in all, 11 people and 1 dog visited since last Friday.

-2- Also organized the inaugural playgroup at our parish on Wednesday.

-3- Still caught myself wondering all day why I was so tired.

-4- Justin getting ready for several big upcoming presentations. Feel like I've barely seen him.

-5- Both donated blood today; usually tag-team watching Anna but a volunteer held her so we could get done faster.  20 minutes lying on gurneys next to each other ended up being a really refreshing break.

-6- Maybe we should plan a real date sometime?

-7- Bedtime now.  See 1 through 6.

Bonus note: The long-awaited sewing post part three is now partly written!

Bonus note part 2: I forgot until I finished writing this that one of Jen's quick takes lauds powerful & concise statements.  I've at least mastered concise!  Visit her link-up to find others who handled the powerful :)

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