Sunday, November 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, and why it matters

What I Wore Sunday linkup

There's a popular link-up in the Catholic blog world called "What I Wore Sunday."  I participated once before, when I showed the Easter dresses that I made for Anna and myself this year.  

I've been going back and forth about whether or not I wanted to participate today, mostly because (despite having recently shown my two favorite day-to-day outfits), this is definitely not a fashion blog (nor am I necessarily even fashionable!)  Of course, this raises the question - what kind of blog IS this?  It of course started as a home-improvement blog, growing generally to a home-blog (and home-maker blog), and now embracing its title in the fullest sense - finding former glory.  And in that way, yes, what I wore Sunday does fit.  Allow me to explain.

I'm of the opinion that there's a lot of things that used to be better.  Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of things - advancements in medicine and technology come to mind - that have seen remarkable improvements (and continue to do so).  But there are lots of other things where something good has been tossed aside in the pursuit of progress - sometimes intentionally ignored, sometimes slowly forgotten.  Just like the care of our house was neglected for many years and we had to work (long and hard) to restore its former beauty, our society and the average family lifestyle has lost some of its "former glory" and Justin and I trying to be very intentional about finding those good traditions, practices, and norms from former generations and making them a part of our family life.  We try to live out some of the Norman Rockwell nostalgia: family time, dinners together, simple joys.  

One of the best examples I can think of in terms of this "cultural" former glory is Sundays.  Our modern society barely blinks an eye as the week goes by - this is simply another of the 7 days in which we collectively run around with our collective heads cut off.  But think of the restorative peace and joy that came from a day set apart.  Think of a Sunday dinner that doesn't get cut short by running off to a meeting or practice.  Think of a lazy afternoon playing games together.  Think of a day that is noticeably different, one that indicates to each member of the family that there is indeed something special about Sunday.  And in being renewed in all the simple goodness in our lives, we can more clearly appreciate Him who is the source of this goodness and give thanks.

Since we've started being more intentional about Sundays, Justin and I have both felt a tangible peace in our house on Sundays.  We sit more, we talk more, we play with Anna more.  On a practical level, we generally don't do work, and so we have the time to enjoy simple joys.  It's one of the only times in the week that I get to sew in a fully-awake state (surprisingly, things turn out better at 1 pm than at 10 pm!)  I've been trying to figure out how to simultaneously not do work and yet provide a nice Sunday dinner - the crockpot has been my best solution, and it has been so nice to quickly put things together after church and then leisurely (and with limited dishes!) enjoy a warm meal together in the evening.

And, of course, the pinnacle of our Sunday is attending Mass, to come together as the body of Christ, to give praise and thanks, to hear His word.  And we receive Him in the Eucharist, the source and summit of our lives.  It is here that we can truly celebrate Sunday - a day of joy for Jesus' triumph.

And in recognition of the amazing gift we have been given - and continue to receive - we get dressed up.  I'm very much aware that focusing too much on outward appearances is definitely the wrong thing - we are to prepare our hearts.  But I think that our outward appearances indicate the importance of what we are doing, and this can in turn serve as a reminder for us.  As Anna grows, I think (hope!) that she will come to recognize that she wears her best dresses on Sunday because what she does on Sunday is the most important of the week.

And that brings me to my outfit from today.  We don't own a full-length mirror, so this is the first/best look I got at the whole outfit.  I bought the skirt at the thrift store last weekend and it was definitely one of those purchases that could go either way: stylish or totally frumpy!  Hopefully it went the stylish route ;)  (but someone please tell me nicely if it didn't!)

So, there you have it.  Finding the former glory of Sundays (and one neglected thrift-store skirt!)  Check out others in their Sunday best at Fine Linen and Purple, and tell me: how do you make Sundays special??


  1. I think you took the stylish route, Emily. Truly!

  2. I've been making a real effort not to do certain types of work on Sundays too and it's amazing what a difference it makes! And I love that skirt!

  3. You wore it perfectly! Stylish route for the win! Your sunday's sound inspirational. I need to get to doing no work on Sundays but it is not easy as a college student.

  4. Love it! That's one of my favorite lengths of skirt because it doesn't trail on the floor but it provides nice knee coverage for the inevitable squatting and scooping up a toddler :) Some day I will master thrifting! I'm just not patient enough...

    And I kind of struggle with what not to do on Sundays... Cooking relaxes me and is something I really enjoy doing, so I really like having the chance to spend a long time in the kitchen! But at the same time, that's generally time away from the family... Ah, the ever-changing balance!

  5. That is a very pretty skirt. And,I've been trying to be more restful on Sundays. It's hard but does make a difference.

  6. You know I love a good thrift store find (and I think the skirt definitely falls into that category), but the first part of your blog totally had me hoping you had gotten the guts for the both of us to attempt the ultimate "former glory" in Sunday attire: the church hat! Have I told you yet that there's an elderly lady in our church who rocks one and it makes me think of you every time?!

    Love your comments on the importance of Sundays. We've recently reinstated our no shopping on Sundays rule.