Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 Favorites: Miscellaneous Happiness

Unlike my previous more "deep" 5 Favorites posts, linking up with Hallie today for a 5 Favorites as (I think) she designed it - simply a list of 5 things that I'm loving right now!


My newest mom uniform addition:

Remember my gray Old Navy tunic?  Well, it's a super favorite (I would wear it every day if I didn't have to wash it).  Justin and I were watching some recent family videos, and I was wearing it in  This hints at two facts: one, I wear it a lot; two, I apparently don't wear anything else that I'm willing to have memorialized on film.

So, I started the search for another equally comfortable yet somewhat pulled together dress.  This one gets bonus points because it's nursing friendly and it has POCKETS!  Definite mom-uniform perks.


I finally followed Rosie's advice and checked out Twice, which is an online consignment shop (buying/selling gently used clothes).  Here's a mini-5 favorites list about why I love it (and you will too):

a) They have the measurements for every item listed (so you can actually tell if it's going to fit)
b) Free returns (in case you misjudged, despite letter a)
c) Free shipping over $50 (and with free returns, it makes sense to try more stuff anyway!)
d) Designer brands (I'm starting to see the wisdom of having a few nice pieces rather than a closet full of not-well-made items)
e) Super reasonable prices (despite letter d, I still can't bring myself to pay even half price of designer prices - but now I don't have to!)

Bonus: if you shop (or sell) by using my link, we'll both get $10 in credit!  I'm thinking of several fashionista friends right now who will love it!!  (I'd have told you about it anyway, but the fact that referrals help to fund my mom-uniform expansion is icing on the cake.)


This brussels sprouts recipe.  Brussels sprouts used to be on my I-wouldn't-eat-it-to-save-my-life list (along with bananas and lima beans), but I've been coming around to them, and now that I found this recipe I want to eat them every day.  Make this for Thanksgiving, and you will be your family's hero.  Or just make it tomorrow because Thanksgiving is still over a week away, and you won't want to wait that long.

I made them tonight and meant to take a picture, but...well, there's better pictures on the original site anyway.  Go - look and start cooking!


It completely makes my day to see men buying flowers at the grocery store.  Today, I saw a guy with 2 dozen red roses.  It just makes me so happy to know that he is going to delight some lucky lady (because I know how delighted I am when Justin gives me flowers.  And no, hon, I swear this is not a ploy).  Today in addition to seeing the man-with-roses, I talked to an 80+ year old man (he told me a story about his childhood ("that was more than 80 years ago, you know!") after I helped him get the orange juice which he couldn't reach from the wheelchaired shopping cart).  He had a bright pink "to my wife - the love of my life" card in his basket too.  So, so sweet.

Handsome man, beautiful flowers (he arranged to have them waiting in the hotel on our 1st anniversary trip) (!)

I was looking online for some Christmas ideas for Anna and discovered Hape toys.  I've always loved classic, wooden toys, and theirs are SO so cute - I'm trying to resist buying her one of each!

I think (shhh, don't tell her) I'll get her this turtle, although the pound bench/xylophone is a close second.  I love that both of those are essentially 2-in-1 toys (shape sorter/pull-along, and ball pound/xylophone) - despite the temptation to buy one of everything on their website, I actually have a minimalist streak in me (both for the sake of toys not overrunning our house, but also for the sake of Anna not being totally overwhelmed by stuff!)

If you have kids on your Christmas list, definitely check out their stuff!  It looks like they sell primarily through small/local toy stores, although I found a lot on Amazon, too.



  1. Twice! Yes! So excited to see what works :)

    Also I used to hate Brussels sprouts but I kind of love them now... But John Paul and I are the only ones! It's cool though, because I could eat a pound in one sitting...

    And I love Hape toys! I don't think we actually have any, but some day... Plan toys are also one of my favorites - if you have an independent toy store in your area you should see if they carry any, they're so cute and such nice quality!

  2. I got Lucia that same xylophone/bench toy for her 1st birthday and it has been a big hit, even with her big sister. They sell it at Alphabet Soup on the Commons. That turtle is adorable, too--it might have to be a Christmas present at our house!