Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just call me Billy Mays

I can't help myself - every time I use this stuff, I want to host an infomercial.

You should be impressed by this amazing stuff, and also by the fact that I figured out how to take a picture NOT on automatic mode!

It is seriously so, so awesome.  There have been many an instance when I think there is permanent damage or corrosion on a faucet and then I remember I have this stuff and with a few squirts & a few minutes of elbow grease it's as good as new.

My infomercial would obviously be much more effective if you saw the dismal state of this faucet before....but that finished gleam should win you over.  In true it's-the-little-things style, cleaning the gunk out from around the faucet joint has made my day, and probably my week.  It definitely helps that there's bright sunlight streaming in through the windows, and that it's a balmy 20 degrees outside today!  (It's been so cold it seemed like Anna would get frostbite just looking outside the past few days, so needless to say we've been a little cooped up).

Since I didn't do a 5 Favorites post yesterday, and I'm in infomercial mode anyway, I'll share the other amazing discovery of this week.

Did you know you can turn off the notifications on a specific picture or comment thread on facebook?  Maybe I'm the last person to realize this...but I was always hesitant to add a "congratulations" to an engagement announcement or pregnancy announcement because then I'd get 35 emails over the next week telling me that Susie So-and-so I never met also commented. that little "turn off notifications" button on the specific picture, and you can gush your excitement for your friend's big news without being flooded with everyone else's gushing.

Life changing, I tell you.

Did you know life could even get this exciting?

Oh, no that's right, because I haven't given you your daily dose of Anna sweetness.

Boom.  It doesn't get better than this.


  1. I have that cleanser and keep forgetting to use it! It's on top of a high surface somewhere because John Paul found it and I had to hide it immediately...

    So proud of you for taking the camera off auto, too! Mine stays on auto most of the time, but I always use manual focus and no flash and that seems to do the job most of the time ;)

    That picture of Anna is absolutely adorable!

  2. We swear by Bar Keepers Friend for our stainless steel pots and pans! It was recommended in the care instructions for our set of cookware, so we bought it. Every single night those pans gleam and it never gets old :)

  3. Good to know on the cleaner, "it's pow-r-ful" you say? :)

  4. I feel that way every time I use my immersion blender.