Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The halls, decked

I took these pictures yesterday of Anna's new favorite activity (She's a bit more effective with this than the caulking).

I realized that posting those pictures would give away the fact that our house is still entirely decorated for Christmas.  If it weren't for the whole needing to impress people thing, we'd probably just call it a permanent fixture, we love our tree this year so much.  But, the neighbors will start to wonder, so we'll probably take it down sooner or later (yes, it's dropping a few needles, but that's been generally taken care of by my cleaning lady who, when not swiffering, picks up individual tree needles and either tries to put them back on the tree, or brings them to me).

But hey, we're still less than a month out from Christmas, and plenty of other people have trees up for a month (nevermind that's usually December, not January, but you know we bucked that trend!)

So, enough caveats, I'm just going to embrace it, and post all of my favorite pictures!  New camera practice, you know ;) 



  1. lol! I love this! I felt bad for taking our stuff down so late. I'm glad we're not the only ones...although this year it was only a week late. So I guess you can say we're making progress?

  2. Lovely photos! We still have all of our Christmas decorations up, too. I hate to put it away, I love the glow, sparkle, etc., of having the Christmas decorations out.

  3. lol! I just looked outside 15 minutes ago and thought, "Hmm.... we're the only ones in the neighborhood with our Christmas lights still up... better take care of that!" My girls LOVE the swiffer too (the "green mop"!)