Sunday, January 30, 2011

Status Report

Well, this weekend brought us only minimally closer to moving upstairs.  I think I can safely blame the sewage situation for this delay.  Thursday night, each of us got only three or four restless hours of sleep, and Friday - although it did not require our own physical labor for the clean-up - was as exhausting as if it had.  So despite a full, restful night of sleep on Friday night, we didn't wake up Saturday morning rearing to go.  Justin actually had a lot of lab/report work to finish to make up for what he'd missed Friday, meaning we were down a set of hands in terms of house work.  I eventually found enough motivation to drag myself upstairs and work on some of the drywall. 

Here I am during one of my un-motivated trips downstairs to visit Justin.

I essentially finished prepping the master bedroom for prime and paint.  It has had all three coats of spackle, and just needs a few touch-up spots.  Here's how it looks as of tonight:

I didn't get to work in the other bedroom at all this weekend.  The guest bedroom/sewing room needs to be sanded, coated once more, and given the final sand.  Here's how it looks today:

They're obviously not painted rooms (as mentioned in our overly ambitious weekend goals), but we're getting closer.  We also accomplished a big Lowe's shopping trip on Saturday evening to pick up the new vanity, toilet, etc, for the upstairs bathroom.  Given the circumstances, it wasn't a bad weekend.  As soon as the drywall is finished, I suspect the rest of things will fall into place quickly (I tend to be motivated to work on painting tasks, but the novelty of being able to finish drywall has worn off, and I've joined the "I hate drywall" club). 

Speaking of that, has anyone out there every met someone who LIKES finishing drywall?  I'm asking mostly out of curiousity, because in my experience, such an individual doesn't exist.  I'm also asking because I may try to arrange a bribe to bring a drywall-lover to Ithaca ;)


  1. I liked finishing drywall when it wasn't my house and I was working with other people. It's just like most people don't like/aren't motivated to clean their own house, but will gladly help another. Also, it helped that there was an end in sight... I first cut, hung, and finished drywall in a house in Mississippi after Katrina for a week, and then did a few days on a Habitat house in Hbg. I would imagine the daunting task of doing all that in my own house would have me joining you in the "I hate drywall" club. All the hard work will pay off in the end, of course. Hope you are able to finish up and soon enjoy your freshly painted walls!

  2. no worries about not finishing painting...what is spring break for?! :)

  3. Josh has been a card-carrying member of the "club" since he started drywalling our basement about 2 years ago... it's still unfinished :( Can't blame him though; it really does suck!