Friday, July 30, 2010

Showered by love

Last weekend, on the way to (what I thought was) a meeting with our priest, I was surprised by my lovely bridesmaids and my family by a wonderful bridal shower!

This weekend, we're off for a (non-surprise) co-ed home-improvement shower hosted by Justin's mom.

In between all of the showering, we moved Justin to the house. It's beginning to seem a little like a home, now! While we finish sanding the floors in the den (Justin's temporary bedroom), he's got the mattress in the kitchen. When you don't have a kitchen table, it works!

We (actually, Justin) also hung up a new light in the kitchen. Although God got it right the first time He said "let there be light," it only took two tries for us to have the kitchen brightened by a lovely new ceiling light!

I have pictures of both the shower and the light (and some funny pictures of the transitional furnishing in the house) but can't seem to make things connect at the moment. Many apologies for the delay in postings - without any internet access during the last week, blogging has been tough! One of the next home improvement projects is to get the Verizon wireless set up, so I'll be able to send some updates during my evening work sessions over at the house. I'm also moving from my coworker's house to my new apartment on Sunday, so that's exciting as well.

Stay tuned next week for a "guest blogger" who is visiting Ithaca for some gorge-swimming, house-renovation, and sister time :)

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