Thursday, July 8, 2010

We bring you a break from your regularly scheduled programming...

As a result of the crazy heat wave and on account of having the desire to do nothing in non-air-conditioned locations (such as our new house), we have temporarily post-poned home renovations.

We're resting on our laurels of having hung drywall for the first time ever, and taking the time to have conversations that don't revolve around construction and going on dates that aren't to Home Depot. It's nice to simply spend time together remembering why & how much we love each other!

All that being said, I should note that we stopped by the house today to water the plants, and we ripped up a tiny corner of the carpet, just to see how nice the wood is underneath. We really can't stay away. And, the wood looks good! Stay tuned for rapid fire carpet ripping, kitchen scrubbing, floor refinishing, and wall painting. All this - and more - (hopefully) before Justin moves in!

In other good news, we've got some good leads on a temporary home for me. Yay! I'm off for now; even the laptop is making me unnecessarily hot. Hope you're all staying cool!

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