Sunday, January 9, 2011

A sticky situation

If you ever have a "hard to paint surface," Sherwin Williams has a product for you: adhesion primer.  I asked Sherwin Williams (are you singing the ditty yet?) what to do about the weird shiny walls in our bathroom closet, and this is what they recommended.  The good news is, the stuff definitely sticks, and I think tomorrow the closet will be ready for painting.  I should also note however, that it sticks VERY WELL to all surfaces.  Including skin and hair.  Which is why I found myself in the unfortunate situation of attending a coworker's birthday party tonight looking just a tad bit splotchy.  Let's just be glad that it's long-sleeved weather for a while, because somehow my forearms are worse than my hands.  Perhaps this is the true mark of a home-improvement enthusiast?

Bathroom painting progress pics tomorrow (and perhaps pictures of polka-dotted me, too, if additional showers don't remedy the situation)...

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