Thursday, January 27, 2011

Musical Chairs

Whoops, it's been a while, hasn't it?...finally - a new post!

We're currently using only 50% of our home's square footage (namely, the downstairs half) because all 3 rooms upstairs are under construction.  This has resulted in some interesting furniture arrangements.  Although we've moved on from a bed in the kitchen, we still have a bed in the den and a desk in the kitchen.  Oh, and another bed masquerading as a couch in the living room.  Once construction is finished upstairs, we can begin a game of musical chairs to match the furniture to the intended function of a room.

We are still on track to move upstais mid-February.  In fact, in a crazy spurt of energy last night, we decided that we should finish the upstairs THIS WEEKEND.  Although it's probaby definitely unreasonable to say that we'd be "finished," I think it is reasonable to dream of two painted bedrooms (which would bring the upstairs paint completion rate to 100%, unless you count the stairwell!)  Since I'm not doing so hot on my New Year's blog-o-lutions (especially the ones about updating frequently and showing more pictures), I'll try to make up for it with a "before and after" of our weekend's progress.

At any rate, it's going to be a very happy day when the big game of musical chairs happens and we move our stuff upstairs.  I'm hoping to at least fare better this time around than I did during a fated game of musical chairs in 3rd grade that resulted in a broken arm.  (Yes, someone sat on my tiny little arm and it broke).

Now, if anything, our downstairs furniture situation is semi-crowded.  However, when we spread the furniture over twice the area, we're suddenly going to be looking a little light in that department.  I've been doing a little online idea shopping (no real shopping yet because my wise husband advises against purchasing things we don't yet have a space to use).  Without further ado, some ideas of things I'm hoping to add to our collection:

A hutch (like this one) for the living room.  I want one with cupboards on the bottom (these open shelves are OK with me since the wine rack is removeable) to store things like board games, and shelves on the top to display decorative items

Large Cherry Buffet with Cherry Wood Top and Open Shelf Hutch

I actually haven't completely figured out what I want for the rest of the living room.  Definitely a comfy couch, a big ottoman or coffee table for board games (hey, we don't have a TV, we love our games!), and some extra seating so that we can expand our entertaining options beyond our kitchen table.  The living room is an interesting space, though - in that it has 5 doors (the front door, basement door, and entrances to the den, bathroom, and kitchen).  I think it's going to call for some creative furniture arrangement to make it comfortable, livable, welcoming, and serve both as a passageway and the primary living space.  More to come on that, of course.

Upstairs, I've put the most thought into the guest room/sewing room.  Of course, my new sewing table will go there, and I'm loving this type of bed (two in one, how cool is that?!)

I also want to get a small cozy chair - my two current favorites are these two from Pier 1:

Any votes as to whether I should chose the bold & fun Liliana or the soft & pretty Addyson?

Either way, I'll probably get a small ottoman like this one so I can prop up my feet and spend these chilly Ithaca evenings knitting (Yes, the evenings we're not playing board games.  Yes, Justin and I are 70-somethings in 20-something bodies.  Yes, we embrace this fact).

My dream furniture round-up doesn't include such essentials as a bedroom set (our one tiny dresser isn't cutting it, and it probably wouldn't be classy to eternally keep our boxsprings on the floor), but I think I'll have better luck searching for these items in person.  Google searches have ended with too many results to look at, and, let's be honest, dressers just aren't as much fun as those Pier 1 chairs!

I'm obviously dreaming of chairs of all sorts - musical and otherwise :) What do you guys think - can we "finish" two rooms this weekend?  And what furnishings do you think we should choose?  Any votes for Lilly or Addison (the chairs!)?


  1. CLEARLY, you should get the chair on the left. reasons:
    1)the print is way more fantabulous
    2)it has keep you cozy and from falling out!
    3)its named've always wanted one!!

  2. Soup-o: I totally agree on all of those points EXCEPT when I went to see them in person the other one is a little more comfortable. I'm torn, because despite this, I think Lilly was my first chair love. We should probably go chair shopping when you visit in March. This is too important to do alone! xoxo

  3. sounds like a plan!!! I just think that arms are important because you lean on them for reading and sewing etc. like what do you do with your elbows while you're reading if you don't have arms on your chair??!!

  4. I agree with Maura...although Addy looks suave, I think I'd feel exposed and insecure in a chair without arms.

  5. Emily--I vote for arms on the chair!! Where will you prop your pattern, where will you place your needle when the phone rings?? What will keep all supplies from obeying gravity and traveling to the floor--arms!! Believe me, this is experience talking!!: Mom