Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchen Day 28: carrots & tomatoes

We painted the kitchen on Saturday!  WE PAINTED THE KITCHEN ON SATURDAY!

Let's quickly review.  Kitchen day 1 looked like this:

Then we moved on to this (day 2):

Then to this (day 3): 

Then this (day 8):

And this (day 13):

And, now, finally....


I think I'm overly sensitive to the amount of orange in my intended "terracotta" color (technically, it's called "Spiced Gingerbread," although I've described the paint swatch as terracotta since I picked it 9 months ago).  I've probably asked Justin about 20 times since Saturday if he thinks our kitchen is too orange.  But I have to admit, I only worry about that because I'm concerned about what other people will think.  I secretly (and now publicly) love it.  In bright sunshine, it has an orange sweet potato-ish color, but in the evening its much richer, definitely more nutmeg.  I think the best I've come up with is that its the color of pumpkin bread.  And it feels really cozy.

Justin also installed our new pendant light over the weekend.  We both really love it.  It has all of the colors that will eventually be in our kitchen.  Of course, the burnt orange, then deep red (accent colors, like curtains and the tea kettle), dark brown (floors, countertop, and door), and white (cabinets and trim).

It's also very pretty when it's lit up (but infinitely more difficult to photograph):

Also, it adds much more light than we had in the kitchen before.  We tested this out today, and canned tomatoes from our garden!  It was lovely to have our stove up and running again.  We had a lot of fun working together on canning our produce, and it wasn't as difficult as we expected.  We have plans to can many more things (and anticipate it will get even easier as we have more practice....and when we have a sink in the same room :)! )

Here's our set-up.  At least on my computer screen, I think this is the most accurate color.  Also, note that the funky painting was only saving time by leaving the space behind the future cabinets white.

And our finished product (so proud!)

Finally, on a non-kitchen related note, here's a picture of Morgan's quilt (I told you about it here).  It arrived safely at it's destination, and I can happily report that she loves it!  She's now all moved-in at Bucknell, new quilt and all!

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  1. Our kitchen is orange and I love it! I'll see if I can find a picture of it. It's actually the only space in our whole house that isn't "horseradish" (aka off white).

    Congrats on the tomatoes! I just had my first "on my own" canning experience this year too. Peaches last week, and tomatoes on Sunday. I grew neither though. Sadly, my garden stunk.