Monday, August 8, 2011

An old general store

Today  marks a break from my kitchen renovation series (see days onetwothreefour - fivesixeight, and thirteen).  To keep with the theme, I suppose I could aptly title today's post "Kitchen Day 15: No work, just dreaming."

Yesterday, we took a day of rest from the kitchen, letting the spackle dry.  I kept busy scrubbing the floors in the rest of the house (although we seem to have sequestered renovation dust pretty well, there has been plenty of mud tracked in from the combination of recent rainstorms + our refrigerator being accessible only by a trek around the house to the back porch), lots of laundry, and sewing a tote bag for my coworker, Kimberly.  She saw a purse I had made myself and offered to pay me to make one for her.  Cool deal!  She wanted it in particular for her upcoming trip to World Youth Day in Spain, so naturally I was up late last night finishing it before her last workday before the trip.  I guess I should have taken a picture to show it off here on the blog, but maybe she'll take one and post it on her blog Travels to Treasure :)

All of that to kitchen progress yesterday.  Today, we had semi-intentions of sanding the first coat of spackle, but that was derailed.  Can't say I'm too disappointed.  Justin helped our friend, Dave, move some furniture, and in return, he offered to take us to dinner tonight.  I, in particular, made out with this deal.  :)

A very wordy a post I started May 5, and still haven't posted.  Whoops!  Here we go....

I recently found an artist on Etsy (basically an eBay for arts & crafts) with some amazingly adorable drawings:

collector of worlds

Ars moriendi - 11x14 printmedicine cabinet for SAD afflictee

All images by doodleandhoob (click here to see more / purchase)

I love her style of drawing, and I've learned that I'm a huge fan of glass storage.  Here's another picture from the blog-o-sphere that I absolutely love:

Image from here

Even when our kitchen was in its former stage, I had plenty of glass storage (perhaps that was just a necessity, because for lack of cabinets most things were out in the open, and I at least wanted them to be pretty!)

Did I mention I like glass storage?  Once the new kitchen is up and running, I plan to expand my glass storage collection.  We visited a friend's house recently, and they had about 10-15 jars with everything from flour to rice and lentils.  

You don't know this yet (because I conveniently forgot to update the blog with the plans for the kitchen), but we'll be adding a peninsula (an additional workspace/seating area) between the windows.  (Envision the following picture without the paneling, without the bookshelf, a whole lot cleaner, fresher, with a peninsula the width of the wall between the windows, and extending out into the room about 2 feet.  Two bar stools on the left, standing work space on the right)

 What does this have to do with glass storage, you may ask.  Well, oh inquisitive reader, I envision shelves on the wall above the countertop, all holding unique glass containers with all of the kitchen dry good essentials (and, likely, some non-essentials pretty and important things like Hersheys kisses).  It will be almost like an old general store.  And sort of like those darling drawings from doodleandhoob.  So if you aren't sure what to get me for Christmas, a glass container is a pretty safe bet :)

Anybody else out there totally enamored by storing things in glass?


  1. Enamored?? Girl, I am totally in love with the idea of showing off my kitchen supplies. However, with a lower budget I like to use that nicer line that Tupperware has. I have probably somewhere around 35 or 40 stacked in my kitchen with everything from rice to the utensils! Can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out! ;)

  2. Inspiration for your general store-esque shelves:

    Love it! We keep lots of foods in jars and I wish I had room for more!

  3. Emily, I love it! Thanks for the link :) I just found this website, too....