Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ithaca is Gorges.

Lest you be concerned due to this post title, I will reassure you.  Yes, folks, I know how to spell (most wordz).

V-Neck Ithaca Is Gorges T-Shirt: Click to enlarge

I, too, was skeptical the first time I saw an "Ithaca is Gorges" t-shirt.  In fact, seeing a freshman hall-mate (and native Ithacan) wearing one of those shirts was probably my first introduction to this lovely little city.  In case you didn't get the reference, this town is gorgeous.  Mostly because it's full of gorges.  Gorgeous gorges.

Seriously, you're walking through town or Cornell's campus, and suddenly there's a huge cliff, a rushing waterfall, and lots of God's glory on display.  Although we have our hearts set on returning to Pennsylvania (and our families) after Justin is Dr. Justin, I don't think we'll ever be able to find a place with so much abundant natural beauty - let alone this much within walking distance of our house.  We have taken numerous walks and bike rides to the variety of parks, trails, and, well, random gorges over the summer.  I took some pictures on one evening walk a few weeks ago with the intention of posting on the blog (probably as an excuse as to why the kitchen spackle/sanding still hadn't been started), but haven't yet gotten around to it.  Today, though, one of my favorite bloggers is hosting a link party called "Favorite Things in My Town," so that served as a good kick-in-the-pants to finally post these pictures!

These pictures are all from the Cascadilla Gorge trail, which begins at the end of Court Street downtown, and heads up the hill to Cornell.  We were only able to walk part-way up because of construction (safety work) on part of the path, but what we did see was absolutely beautiful.  The perfect in-town escape for a quick recuperation on an evening after work.

Don't worry, it's already on our "show-off" list for visitors.  C'mon up, we'll show you.  And heck, if you wait a week, I'll even cook you dinner in our new kitchen!  Since I'm making promises like that, I'd better go paint that trim!  :)

Click here to visit Kate at Censational Girl, host of the Favorite Things in My Town link party.


  1. I love Ithaca....I really love anything in upstate New York! My parents live in Saratoga Springs and we visit every year. I was born in New York but am now a Texas girl! :)

  2. Hi Emily,
    I just saw your link up over at Kate's party and had to stop by. I'm a fellow NY blogger and love Ithaca. Actually a good friend of mine is from your neck of the woods and bought my kids those same shirts - Ithaca is Gorges. I'm from Saratoga Springs, just a little north of Albany and we love it here! There doesn't seem to be too many NY bloggers, so it's great to meet someone else who lives kind of close by.

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  3. Thanks Carrie & Jenna for stopping by and commenting. I think it's hard NOT to love Ithaca! :)

  4. Ithaca IS gorges! Lovely pics. Wow, have you guys been hard at work on your house - looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and for your compliments on my bracelet!