Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitchen day....? (too tired to think)

I wanted to write a more substantial update tonight, but I'm exhausted!  My guess is there's a correlation between the tiredness and the following:

- I finished the last coat of spackling over the weekend! (!!!!!!!!!!!) It just needs to have its final sanding, and we can clean-up and remove the plastic barrier (and therefore put our refrigerator back indoors, as well as be able to access it without walking around outside)

- I finished 90% of the ceiling with the texturing.  The process went significantly faster once I got both hands wet, although having both hands goopy also made balancing on a ladder more challenging.  I finally figured out on day 2 of the process that it was responsible for the large bruises on my shins (with both hands on the ceiling, the best way to keep from falling was to put all my weight against the rungs right above where my feet were).  And yes, Sunday morning whilst getting ready for church when I had NO idea where these crazy black and blue marks came from, I simply whipped out my make-up and put concealer right there on my legs.  The irony is not lost on me that someone who spent the majority her weekend covered in spackle felt too girly to wear pants to church.

Note that this picture was taken during my daring backwards-on-the-ladder technique, which resulted in smaller, although equally ugly, bruises on the backs of my calves.  In case you were wondering, I gave up with the leg make-up and wore pants to work today.  I should also note that the bruises really don't hurt (when I'm not still on the ladder), but overall make me look like I'm still learning to walk, which is not the message I'm trying to send in a professional setting.

- In between all of the spackle, I finished quilting & binding the quilt for my sister-in-law.  She's headed to Bucknell on Friday for freshman orientation, and my mom and I have a tradition of making quilts for family members for their freshman dorm rooms.  In fact, my first ever quilt was the one I made my senior year of high school (and had all 4 years at Bucknell) which is now on the bed in the sewing room:

I'll post some pictures of Morgan's quilt, too...but I'll wait until after she's received it ~ more fun for her to see it in person first :)  Also, right now it's in the washer, so a photoshoot will have to wait :)

Goodnight, all....hopefully I'll be back soon this week with additional kitchen news!  (Getting us ever closer to the day when my poor husband no longer needs to walk outside in the downpour to cook our dinner on the grill :))

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