Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The best kind of renovation

I was planning to revisit the details of the bathroom renovation tonight, but we were invited last-minute to attend a Lenten service at our friends' church in the next town over from Ithaca.  It was a really nice penance service led by a dynamic priest, and it had me reflecting on the ultimate before and after ~ has there ever been a more incredible change than the one our world saw on Calvary?  Talk about making something amazing from wood and nails!  And still today, the greatest carpenter of all time waits for us - regardless of our current state - ready and able to polish our souls, finding the former glory that He designed each to have.

There's my little detour to glory in our amazing God.  We can all enjoy our earthly transformations of rooms and homes - but I pray that we can all dig deeper and search for the amazing transformation that is waiting for us as we approach our heavenly home.

Happy heart renovations :)