Thursday, March 22, 2012

To blog or not to blog?

I have to admit, I've had a secret internal debate (in retrospect, I suppose most internal debates are secret) for the past few months about canning the blog all together.  It ends up being one more thing on my to-do list, another stressor that doesn't get done.  And ask Justin, the number one contributor to my bad moods is me feeling like I haven't accomplished all that I want to accomplish.  But I can't quite give in to my desire to just end it - partly because I think of the folks out there who are appreciative whenever I post something new, partly because I'm stubborn and don't like giving up, and partly because I'm not sure yet if I'd miss it too much.  Granted, I've more or less taken the easy way out by posting once every three months, and my non-decision is beginning to look like a decision.

BUT - fear not, I'm not shutting down.  At least not yet.  Through a strange combination of factors (I deleted the weird list I had typed here, since re-reading it had even me confused) I was inspired with a crazy idea.

I'm going to challenge myself to post every day for the next 30 days.  By the end of that, I'll either love it or hate it...and thus have my answer!  So, stay tuned, and try not to be overwhelmed by the sudden feast in the famine-land that is Finding Former Glory.

The 30 days of posts won't be earth-shattering.  I'll just try to give you little glimpses into my world, including entire rooms you've never seen.  And, for today, pets you've never met.

Did you know we have a pet?  Meet JoAnn:

JoAnn is my goldfish, who lives in the sewing room.  Can you guess how she got her name?  (My dad cleverly quipped, "You preferred that name to 'Mike' and 'AC'?")  Technically, she's JoAnn the Second, but with the proper care (which may or may not include an accidental flop on the bathroom floor last night whilst in transit from her regular bowl to the temporary during-cleaning bowl), she seems to be much healthier, and dare I even say happier than JoAnn the First.  

And she's a regular model.  I swear, I have never seen her swim around so much as during her photoshoot this evening.

She's definitely the best 13 cents I've ever spent.  :)  I don't anticipate that I'll ever be a dog-lover or cat-lover (owing to a scary childhood chasing incident with the former and allergies with the latter), but I sure do find a lot of happiness in having a goldfish!

See ya back here tomorrow for day 2 of my little challenge.  And, until then...what do you think?  To blog or not to blog??


  1. keep blogging :) you give me inspiration!

  2. Wow, 30 days of blogging! JoAnn reminds me of my old fish Petey...

  3. Keep in blogging practice so you can be in "blogging shape" for the baby blog !!!

  4. Maybe JoAnn and my two fish (Michael and ACMoore) could get together to have a swim date!

  5. omg blog! it's like a journal!

  6. If you're having some trouble keeping up with a goldfish in a bowl (and why ever would you with all your decorating and baby-making? haha) I would suggest a 2 gallon tank with a little filter. You can get a little kit at a pet store. I did a lot of research while trying to raise goldfish in college. Turns out, Goldfish are the DIRTIEST fish ever. It means they poop a lot. That's why you can't keep them with other types of fish. (Also they are so nice they get eaten). But with a little filter, you can clean less. And actually, large tanks are easier for beginner fish-keepers because they don't need cleaned as often and they can reach a biological balance, and not need much attention at all. So, if you want a low maintenance pet, a large tank (20-30 gallons) with a couple goldfish is perfect. Happy healthy goldfish are the cutest fish ever. I swear they have personalities. End of Fish Rant.