Friday, March 30, 2012 goose)

It turns out that my 30-day challenge has been slightly difficult to keep up with, given all the work, the house work, the continued projects, oh - and the baby growing.  Unfortunately only one of those aforementioned tasks is currently on autopilot.  But at any rate, although I haven't posted everyday, being one week into my "post-a-day" challenge, I've realized that I DO enjoy the blog, and I am definitely leaning strongly towards keeping it up (although possibly not at this ridiculous pace!)

I'd like to share with you some pictures from Justin's cell phone.  As we returned from dinner on Wednesday evening, we saw some new critters in our front yard!  I had actually met said critters on Sunday while weeding the front garden, and I was impressed not only that they were back, but that they again got within a few feet of us.  Meet our resident ducks:

I of course have to sneak in a before-and-after and remind you what this space looked like when we moved in!  I'm feeling a bit of an improvement, particularly with our wildlife :)

Our amusement at the ducks was amplified by finding that there was an entire sub roll in our bushes.  Apparently someone tried to feed the ducks...on a large scale!  Check out the two pieces of bread, one in the bush and one on the ground.

I'm hoping the ducks will continue to visit, it's definitely fun to see them.  While I'm not sure I love the idea of people throwing bread at the house, at least I can be glad (as my aunt pointed out) that they're not throwing eggs!

P.S. For the record, the pregnancy has not made me quite as plump as these pictures would indicate....I'll have to post a baby bump update soon :)

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