Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick Takes: Edition 7

1) I usually loose steam by the end of a quick takes post, so I'll dive right in and count any introductory remarks as #1.  It's Friday again...already!  I feel like I have a bonus weekend, since we just got back late Wednesday from a long weekend away.  We visited family in Pennsylvania over the weekend, then went on to Newark, Delaware, where Justin had a conference.  Even though he had meetings during the day, we counted it as a bit of a get-away and had a nice time relaxing with Anna in the hotel pool and having room service dinners after she went to sleep.

2) I kept thinking of Eloise, the storybook character who lives in a hotel as I chased Anna around the lobby and she made friends with the hotel employees.  I also had an (unrelated) revelation during the week in which I thought "this must be why the Desperate Housewives are so desperate!"  I started explaining that here, but after I wasn't done explaining in 3 paragraphs, I realized it would be best as a stand-alone post, so check back later this week if that's piqued your curiosity.

3) We just got home from story hour.  I think Anna enjoyed it more this week because she had a better idea of what to expect.  Last week, she seemed like she didn't know what to make of the other kids, the singing, the sitting still, etc.  My favorite part today was watching her participate.  They used little egg shakers with one of the songs, and when the librarian got out the bucket of the shakers, Anna walked up, picked up an egg from the bucket, and came back to sit on my lap.  I love seeing her comprehend what was happening and act accordingly.  She also jumped up at one point to walk over and pick up one of the stuffed animals that had been used for a previous song.  She brought it back, held it while we sang the next song, then stood up and returned it to the librarian before the next song started.

4) Last week, all of my quick takes were about Anna's fashion, so indulge me while I devote one today to my own story-hour fashion.

In writing the post about my challenges as a stay-at-home mom, I had hoped that by identifying the root causes of my frustrations, I could address them and make improvements.  When I put everything on paper screen in that post, it did help me clarify some areas where a relatively simple chance could bring big improvements in terms of my outlook.  Feeling pulled-together is one of those areas, for sure.  In addition to looking nice, I'm realizing that feeling feminine is also important - to me, at least - because it helps remind me of the importance of this nurturing vocation (both as a mother and as a wife).  With encouragement from my blog-friend Rosie, I've been defining my own mom-style.  I just ordered this tunic dress from Old Navy, and I absolutely love it.  It's probably the most comfortable thing I own, and yet it makes me feel significantly more feminine and less frumpy than sweat pants.  My only complaint is that I'd love an extra inch or two - even though I ordered the tall size - but that's nothing new for me and my awkwardly long legs!

5) Speaking of being all self-analytical, last night I finally started reading this book, which has been on my bookshelf for at least two years.  Only two chapters in, I feel like I have a whole new understanding of both myself and every important relationship in my life (Justin, my family, close friends, etc).  I kept reading snippets to Justin, and he is equally intrigued.  Besides identifying what temperament you (and others) are, it also talks about the challenges of certain pairings, as well as tips for avoiding conflict between the various types.  So, I highly recommend it!

When I went to amazon to get that link, it had a little reminder that said "you purchased this item on November 14, 2011."  It really has been a while that I've been meaning to read this - so glad I finally did!

6) I'm not usually one of those it-goes-so-fast people (I try really hard to enjoy every day), but I had one of those moments where it hit me yesterday:

A few days old...

Just 13 months later...

Those are the moments that remind me that the challenges are fleeting, and this opportunity to be at home is priceless.

7) I give a lot of credit to those bloggers who post often - this takes so much more time than it seems (and this was just a quick list!)  Hopefully it won't be another full week until I post again....but I've got places to go and people to see (loosely interpreted ... the laundry room and a sweet little girl!)

Until then, check out more quick takes at Jen's.


  1. Mmmm room service dinners... Also, can you take outfit pictures in the same rocking chair as Anna? It would be soooo cute!

  2. Glad you are enjoying story hour! We'll be away for one more week, and then maybe we'll see you the next Friday!

  3. I've been seeing that book about temperaments recommended on several blogs lately. I'll have to find a copy.

  4. Blogging will keep; babies won't. Give yours a kiss for me.

  5. It does go by quick! I had one of those days today... Let me know how that book turns out, sounds interesting.