Monday, December 13, 2010

A healthy appreciation for renovation

Well, it appears that Mother Nature read my last post requesting more time, and provided it - in the form of a sick day.  Unfortunately, spending Sunday and Monday napping and watching movies didn't exactly fit into my to-do list, but aside from the fact that the rest and relaxation helped me begin to shake this virus, it also provided some, well, rest and relaxation, which isn't something I regularly schedule.

You see, I have a bit of a complex with sick days, and usually second-guess myself, thinking that I could have probably made it through the day.  (This has been a lifelong problem, as I often got sent home from school sick, after convincing my mom and myself that I'd be fine; even having mono a few years ago had me feeling guilty for missing work, and actually went back to the office after a few days at home, only to be sent home after barely making it through an hour).  I can't help it; my name means "industrious."

Anyway, today I realized that I truly was feeling pretty sick, given that yesterday I watched 3 movies straight without even so much as a thought towards the many projects I want to do.  It's unusual for me to relax without being distracted by something I wanted to take care of, make, or organize.  Just ask Justin, who isn't renewing our Netflix subscription given that I never sit down long enough to watch movies (except the occassions when we start one late in the evening and I promptly fall asleep).

The good news?  This evening, I started to feel creative juices flowing.  I stopped searching Netflix for romantic comedies and headed out to the great Internet for answers to my latest home thoughts...can you paint our old, ugly shingle siding?  (yes!)....How would a closet look with curtains instead of doors (pretty good, if it's done right)...What cool furniture is available currently on craiglist for me to snatch (unfortunately, not the hutch I'm looking for).  Just the mere fact that I was looking for ideas and planning new projects made me realize I was feeling better.

I thought I'd share it on the blog because it made me chuckle that the home renovation has become my health benchmark.  Thank God I'm feeling better; I was already getting bored of being sick, plus someone special has a birthday tomorrow, and I want to make it wonderful for him :)  He especially deserves it after his loving attention and chicken-soup provision over the last two days.

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